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Mirror, Mirror

The Batman (Episode 10) (February 9, 2008) LSH was a repeat. 

Today’s The Batman was interesting because of the mirror image theme: a rich buddy of Bruce’s and his kid brother were stalking the streets of Gotham to make them safe…for criminals. 


Bruce and Dick get to enjoy some time off in their civilian identities, hanging out with that rich buddy and his brother, neither pair aware of the other’s other lives.


Turns out that the mirror image Batman & Robin are the sons of jewel thieves who were killed around the same time as Thomas and Martha Wayne.  While Bruce trained for justice, his counterpart trained for protecting criminals.  And the mirror Batman gets Gotham’s criminals involved in a big heist with his protection.


I liked the fight scenes, pitting Bruce and Dick against two who are their equal in battle, and then there was the twist of the Bad Duo discovering the Dynamic Duo’s secret identities and invading the Batcave. 


Alfred is amusing, as always, hiding out during the battle with dry wit.  ;)


When Batman & Robin catch the Bad Duo, they threaten to expose them. Ah, but the Joker has other ideas! He doesn't like these two spoiling his 'fun', so he lobs some Joker venom and the secret is least for now!


Not a bad episode. The Bad Duo were blonds! Perfect for an entry I plan to make soon. ;)

Tags: animated series, batman & robin, review, the batman, the joker
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