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It's The Fishnets :)

Smallville "Siren" (Episode 11) (Season 7) (February 7, 2008)

Well, since the Clex is almost virtually dead on this show, why do I keep watching? For episodes like these!


Not only does Smallville continue to expand the Superman mythos, it is expanding the DCU as well.  Smallville is an alternate Earth, darker than the comics, but still interesting.


It was great fun to see Black Canary in her trademark fishnets fighting Green Arrow and the future Superman.  It was a thrill to see Dinah Lance.  But did Lois call her a right-winger?  Geez, that’s more frightening than Lex!  ;)

Speaking of the Clex, it did look as if Clark was trying to decide who to save in that three-way battle at the mansion and he looked at Lex for a long time before he chose the Canary and Arrow.  Poor Clark!  It still hurts, doesn't it?


Irony of ironies!  Lois can’t handle the dual-identity thing.  Well, there’s always Bruce, Clark.  ;)


I did like the way that Oliver and Dinah seemed to come together at the end of the episode.  I think they could work in SV even better than in the comics.  Ollie doesn’t have the baggage that his counterpart has in print, so it could be fun to see if they hit it off and they can both find someone who understands their life.  Looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship. ;)


Well, another irony is that everyone is taking up the cape before Clark will even entertain the notion.  Hmm, even though we won’t see the characters on the series, will we hear about a certain creature of the night in Gotham, or an Amazon Princess?


Next week’s previews might give us Clark and Lex on-screen together!  Wow! (sarcasm alert)


Great to see the Canary!     

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