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New York Giants 17, New England Patriots 14 (2-1) (18-1)

*sigh* I admit it, I’m depressed. Bitterly disappointed and in the dumps today.

It’s not just losing the chance to win four Super Bowls in seven years, or for Tom to be acknowledged as the best quarterback ever. It’s the loss of the chance to be perfect, 19-0, the best team ever. This was a once-in-a-lifetime chance, and the boys blew it.

The Giants played well, but the Patriots’ offense was awful until their final drive. The offensive line was truly offensive after a stellar season. The defense played fairly well throughout the game but gave it up in the last two minutes.

When you live-and-die with a team, this hurts. Sure, I know that the athletes are overpaid and arrogant and don’t care about the fans, though some do, or at least appear to. I don’t care about all that. I care about what the team makes me feel, does for me as a fan. And they failed.

The game plan was uninspired and so was the play-calling. Tom was sacked five times and beaten up several more times. As some of the fans have said, we were hoping he’d get up again, and he did, because he always does. It'll be a sadder day in Patriots Nation when he doesn't.

The haters out there in the national media and those fans who hated excellence are thrilled today. Well, I'll tip my hat to the Giants. I don't hate them.

I'm hurt and angry and disgusted, but I'll be back at training camp in the heat and watching every game next season, but for now it's just painful.

*sighs again*
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