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Monkey Business

The Batman (Episode 9) (February 2, 2008) LSH was a repeat. 

I’ll admit that I was a little puzzled by this episode.  The credits include Dick but he’s nowhere to be found in this episode, and not even mentioned!  Barbara is Bruce’s partner throughout this story, and all of a sudden she’s started college!


I find that a little odd, too, considering that she seemed much younger just a few episodes ago!  She was supposed to be older than Dick but not by a lot of years.


Anyway, the story involved college students who are largely ignored by their peers ingesting chemicals that turn them into beasts, just as Kirk Langstrom used to do to become Man-Bat.  He’s supposedly reformed and comes up with a antidote that Batman uses to turn them back during one of their terror sprees, but the whole story just seemed odd to me with all the little things puzzling me.


What, you couldn’t mention that Dick was off with the Teen Titans, and if there’s no Titans yet, maybe he was in bed with the flu?  The Justice League was mentioned when Batgirl asked Batman if it was time to call them in, and he (paraphrasing) answers: “For a monkey?  They’d kick me out.” Well, it was a huge gorilla, but you get the idea. J  

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