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Musing About...Muses :)

I believe in Muses. Some people scoff at the notion but I’ve been writing long enough to know that they exist, at least in my head. Ideas come from reading an article, or talking to a fellow fan, or from comics or TV or movies. Challenges help, too.

But sometimes the ideas just pop into my head. And I have no control over which pairings I write at any given time. The Muses direct me, and I write.

When I started posting comics fanfic in 2006, it was Clark/Bruce and then my second pairing of choice was Bruce/Dick. I pretty much went back-and-forth with those two pairs, and then gradually wrote other couples.

Recently I wrote quite a bit of Clark/Bruce fic during December due to the WFGE and various birthday fics of people who liked that pairing best. I wrote a few new Bruce/Dick fics, and then got hit with an idea for a Steve/Diana story (Stained Glass I: Shattered) that started out as four chapters and ended up as ten! :)

Right now Wonder Woman seems to be on my docket. I’m writing a Valentine’s Day story for her and a new Diana/Dinah tale. She seems to be guiding my Muses along right now, so I’m running with it. :)

I also realized that on January 29, 2007, I started writing Rainbow’s Freedom. I can’t believe it’s been a year already! :)
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