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Feeling Blue (Kryptonite)

Smallville "Persona" (Episode 10) (Season 7) (January 31, 2008) 

Wow, it's been so long since we've gotten a new episode I've almost forgotten how to write a review!  :)

So many things here: Lana being happier with Bizarro Clark and Clark learning he could erase his powers and have a life with her; Dax-Ur finding happiness (though now he may just be a husk after what Brainiac did to him); the love that Bizarro Clark did feel for Lana; Lionel once again slicing Lex to the quick; Julian rejecting Lex; and Lex…did he have Julian killed?  Or was he just informed of someone killing Julian?  I couldn’t read the text message.


Why would Lex have Julian killed after his terror that Lionel would do it?  Was it because Julian rejected him?  Or did Lionel hire that gunman? 


I was thinking of the Waynes in Crime Alley for a moment there, because you knew the scene would come to no good end.


Whichever way it went, it was a pretty powerful scene in the rain with Lex’s agony, followed by Clark and Lana uncomfortable and saddened by the realization, perhaps, that they will never work?


When Bizarro accused Clark of not truly loving Lana, he was right.  Clark doesn’t.  He’s in love with the thought of the normalcy she can bring.  As a Clex fan, I would say that despite it all, there’s a part of him still in love with Lex, even if he can’t acknowledge it to himself.  And if the Clex can never be (we’ve seen Lex travel so far down the dark path, can he ever be saved?), is Clark’s future soulmate someone like Bruce whom he is destined to meet?  I don’t count Lois in my fannish thinking even though I know in canon she is the one.  I just see a sibling-type chemistry between them, not a great romance.


In fact, Tom Welling has no chemistry with his female co-stars except on a friendship basis.  The only sexual chemistry he’s had has been with Michael Rosenbaum and Justin Hartley.  This is not because I prefer slash to het.  I’ve enjoyed the chemistry between Lois and Ollie, Chloe and Jimmy, Kara and Jimmy (that redhead sure gets around!). ;)


Chemistry is very subjective.  What works for me doesn’t work for you, and vice versa.  I can’t make two people on-screen have chemistry.  It just is.


Do you think I want Martha and Lionel to have chemistry together?  Argh, but they do!  J


I’m glad that Chloe knew right away that Clark wasn’t Clark.


I was thinking before the death of Julian that Clark is Lex’s salvation (not Kara).  Clark is the one who brought out the best in Lex.  Sadly, that salvation may be too late now unless a very good fanfic writer can give it to us.


Lex would give Clark what he needed, too.  I just can’t see Lana doing that, and it’s not all her fault, either.  


About Bizarro: he would have had a very happy life because he has no sense of responsibility.  I can’t blame Lana for loving him, but in the end, it was impossible.


A man with no sense of responsibility is a monster, not a man.         

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