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Fic: The Darkness, Once And Always

Title:  The Darkness, Once And Always
Author: BradyGirl 
Pairings/Characters: Bruce/Dick
Rating: PG
Warnings: Character death.
Spoilers: None
Summary: Sometimes a loss is just too much to bear.
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Date Of Completion: February 7, 2007
Date Of Posting: February 7, 2007
Word Count: 434

He sits in the padded rocking chair, the spring breeze fluttering the muslin curtains
at the window.


Rock, rock, rock.


Peace, quiet, colors soft, edges round.


No!  Mom!  Dad!  Noooo!!!


Rock, rock, rock.


Heartwrenching sobs, a child lost in the dark, pearls and sawdust…


Footsteps approach out in the hall, passing by the closed door. 


The Darkness always waiting, creeping at the edges…


Distant voices muffled.


I swear to bring all criminals to justice…


The clock on the dresser ticks, ticks, ticks.


Who’s that kid with the Batman?


That’s Robin to you, crumbs.


Rock, rock, rock.


The handsome man in the rumpled clothes always smiles.  He takes his glasses off.  Such
sad blue eyes!
 Gentle voice, the glint of tears.


A dinner cart rattles by on its way to somewhere, or nowhere.


The breeze is warm, tickling his skin.


Beautiful star-spangled woman, a gentle voice like the handsome man’s.  Hera help me?


A bird trills outside the window.


Sometimes it’s the pretty redhead, or the older gentleman.  Sad, talking, garbled words. 
Raspberry sugar cookies.


Louder voices in the hall.


Arkham’s waiting for this one.


The squeak of shoes fading away.


Rao help him.


A plane drones in the distance.


I can fly!


Oh, really?  Are you Superman?


Watch me!


Rock, rock, rock.


I love you.


Fingers curl and uncurl.


Laughter, silk sheets, dark drapes at the windows.


Tick, tick, tick.


Never leave me.


Rock, rock, rock.




Hedge clippers click out in the sunshine.


You’re like the air I need to breathe.


Tired.  He lays his head back.


Riddle me this.


The Bat and his little birdie.


Purr!  Is this why my Bat is no longer interested?  Because of his little bird?


Maniacal laughter.


So very tired.


You were almost killed tonight!


The Darkness whispers in his ear.


I know the risks.


Whistling outside the window.  Clip, clip, clip.


Heated exchange, passionate coming-together, lips bruising, bodies tumbling, yellow and
blue capes swirling, mingling……


The rocker creaks, slowing down.


The Darkness is there, always there, waiting…


I love to fly.


Laughter down the hall.


Laughter, wild, crazed.


The little bird flying, a dart thrown, plunging into the shoulder, the grapple line is


Sweet song at the window.


Stunned, no time…his face turning, muscles rigid, the air whistling…


Fingers white-knuckled on the chair arms.


Little bird’s wings clipped.


The Darkness laughs maniacally.




The rocking chair stops, eyes flying open.


Stumbling out of his chair.


The Darkness once and always at his heels, now covers him like a black, billowing cape.


He reaches the window, the birdsong ending.


A tear slides down his face as Bruce watches the robin fly away. 






Tags: alfred pennyworth, batman/robin, bruce wayne/dick grayson, clark kent, diana prince, superman, the darkness once and always, wonder woman
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