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Fic: Stained Glass I: Shattered (3/10)

Title: Stained Glass I: Shattered (3/10)
Author: BradyGirl_12
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Steve/Diana
Genres: Angst, Drama, Hurt/Comfort
Rating (this chapter): R
Warnings (this chapter): Violence, aftermath of sexual violence 
Spoilers: References in various chapters to events in "Until The Yellow Sun Blesses You Again...".
General Summary: Diana and Steve’s love has always been strong, and they have always had each other’s back. Now they need that strength and teamwork when they are captured during a war on an alien planet.
Summary: Wonder Woman extracts a terrible vengeance.
Date Of Completion: January 25, 2008
Date Of Posting: January 30, 2008
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1208
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: Further Notes here.
All chapters can be found here.
I decided to use the aliens from "Until The Yellow Sun Blesses You Again...". Why waste good bad guys and their vicious winged pets? ;)
Yeah, I labelled this "One" as in first-in-a-series, because I think a sequel might be in order. If I don’t write one, I’ll just knock off the Roman numeral.
In an aside, I’m glad that we were taught Roman numerals in grade school, otherwise how could we know which Super Bowl it is? ;) 





Amazon Warriors!

Avenge thy mates!

Do not let

The despoilers

And ravagers

Tear the spirits

From your Beloveds





Queen Of The Amazons

(One of Hippolyta’s Predecessors)

660 B.C.E.


She drifted, hearing voices and then silence, but she would hear a beloved voice and feel safe and warm.


Other times she felt anxious, knowing that there was danger.


Diana felt love during all these times, and she dreamed of her golden-haired lover, heart-of-her-heart, beloved-of-her-body, and she sang softly as she drifted, unable to drag her eyes open, her body light as air one minute, heavy as cement the next.


She drifted on the pond as a waterfall splashed surrounded by the brilliant colors of the Island, the blue skies overhead as she felt at peace.  She reached out and Steve’s hand grasped hers, and she smiled at him as the sun lit his hair to lemon-gold…


…the scene shattering like glass in rainbow prisms as she heard screams, and she was alone.


She fought to swim, up, up, up, the waterfall, where she heard the screams, wanted, needed, to help the tortured soul…


& & & & & &


Diana fought the heaviness of her limbs as she heard mocking laughter drift down around her.  She could feel the warmth of the sun on her body and a slight breeze brought voices…


“…mmm, feels so good…”


“…your protector Goran is dying…”


“…cheer up, you’re giving real pleasure now…”


“…prettiest hair I ever saw…”


Diana frowned.  She tried to open her eyes, succeeding very slowly.  She put her hands up to shield her eyes from the sun.


She saw the chain link between her bracelets and it all came flooding back.


She bolted upright, heart racing, looking around.  Where was Steve?  The last thing she remembered was the two of them being forced to strip in front of leering G’darrans and then she had been injected with some drug.


She saw that she was still naked and without her Amazon strength.


A cry of pain drifted down from above the ravine where she had regained consciousness.  She nearly passed out with the realization that it was Steve’s voice!


In a fit of rage and frustration she slammed the chain down on a rock, gasping as a thick shard pierced her hand…and her chains.


She broke them apart, feeling her strength flood back, pulled off her collar, and her Warrior instincts took over.  She climbed the ravine swiftly and surely.


When she topped the rise, she stood still in shock.


The G’darrans were laughing and pulling on their breeches, sated and strutting around the small clearing.


Steve was lying unconscious on the ground on his stomach, sprawled awkwardly, tossed away like a rag doll.  Blood scored his back and spattered his thighs, along with…


Diana’s Warrior blood rose, a rage filling her as memories of her mother and sisters describing their despoilment at the hands of Heracles and his men misted red through her mind.


She let out a cry from the depths of her soul, the G’darrans turning in surprise, barely having time to grin before she struck.


All of her Amazon training and Warrior soul drove her as she smashed into the ravaging horde, her hand grabbing a sword off one G’darran’s belt and using it with consummate skill.  Cries of rage and pain echoed up to the skies, skies tinged red in her sight, and she let her blood take over.


& & & & & &


When her bloodlust finally cooled, Diana tossed the sword away in disgust.  She hurried over to her lover and said over and over, “Hera, Aphrodite, please let him be alive, Hera, Aphrodite, don’t take him from me.  Athena, Athena…”


She reached out with a trembling hand and felt for a pulse.  Nearly fainting with relief, she found one.


Her fingers touched the bruises on Steve’s cheek and around his eye and mouth, then her eyes traveled down his neck, shoulders, and back, covered in deep scratches and bites, and the blood on his buttocks and thighs…


She bit back a moan and ran to one of the soldiers, tearing off a piece of uniform cloth and running back to Steve.  She had to stop the bleeding and pressure would do it.


Her eyes dimmed with tears as she applied pressure, the fingers of her free hand combing through golden locks.  Steve was unconscious, but when he woke up…


She had to hold it together.  She had to get Steve out of here and the two of them off this accursed planet and back home.


“Steve,” she said softly, repeating his name a few times, but he remained unconscious.


Finally the bleeding stopped, but Diana was worried sick about internal damage and infection.


She had not been touched.  It would have been easy to do while drugged, but she was certain that Steve had protected her, though against the far stronger G’darrans, it would have been difficult for him to succeed if they had decided to rape her.


Instead, they had chosen to rape him.


The word ‘rape’ reverberated around her mind.  The savagery of the attack shook her, and she stood, looking back at the unconscious G’darrans.


Diana strode toward them, picking up the previously-tossed sword.  She relieved every one of their blasters and swords, throwing them far, far away, except for two blasters and two swords.  She took two belts off them, and cut off lengths of uniform cloth for her and Steve to wear.  Their boots were too big to wear.  Hopefully she could find footwear soon.  She had noticed the cuts on Steve’s feet. 


She spied a saddlebag on the ground.  Inside were canteens, food, and a bolt of white silk that had been ‘liberated’ from a house close to the last battlefield.  She stuffed the extra cloths into the saddlebag.  The horses had taken off long ago.


She tossed the saddlebag to land beside Steve, then gripped her sword harder.


& & & & & &


Diana crouched beside Steve.  She had used some of the uniform cloth to scrub off any blood from her body, wrapped her injured hand, and now wore the white silk cloth in a sarong-style, tied with one of the G’darran armored belts.  She laid the bloody sword on the ground and picked up a canteen, quickly washing Steve’s body and then wrapping him from waist-to-knees in the soft white silk and snapping the belt around him.  She removed his collar and threw it away with a savage motion, the Medal of Athena glinting in the sun around his neck.


Bitterness rose up in her.  That Medal was a symbol of Athena’s protection in war.  Where had it been when her Beloved had been savagely brutalized?  She took a deep breath, trying to still her trembling.


Finally she stood and walked back to the unconscious G’darrans.  They would be awakening soon.


She stabbed the sword into the ground and returned to Steve, attaching a blaster and new sword to her belt, slung the saddlebag over her chest and then gently lifted Steve into her arms.


She walked away from the gang of rapists.


When they awoke, they would discover they would not be able to rape again.










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