bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

Media Day

Media Day during Super Bowl Week is always crazy. Today the Patriots met the media in the stadium, and there were the requisite oddballs, such as a man with a swami turban predicting the game’s outcome, little kids from Nickelodeon, and an inventive woman from Mexico City dressed in a bridal gown and asking Tom Brady to marry her. He handled it smoothly and was really quite amused.

The Patriots are very relaxed this time around. They are still business-like but seem to be having even more fun that in their previous Super Bowl appearances. Even Bill Belichick is more relaxed! :)

There are specials on the Pats in Arizona on local TV every day this week, and more on the weekend. There will be all kinds of fun this week, and you savor it, because you never know when the team will get back to the Big Dance. :)
Tags: bill belichick, new england patriots, tom brady
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