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Super Bowl Send-Off!

The Patriots held a Super Bowl Send-Off at the stadium yesterday morning. It was pretty cool. Parking and admission was free, and hot chocolate was free to all. About 15,000 fans showed up, all decked out in Pats’ regalia. :)

The Minutemen who attend every game and shoot their rifles after every touchdown and field goal were there, and the Patriots cheerleaders kept things warmed up in the pre-show. ;)

Snow lightly fell the whole time, making everything very pretty and typically New England.

Then the Patriots came out, dressed for traveling in nicely-tailored suits and coats. Coach Belichick requires suits and ties while traveling.

The Governor of the state kicked off the proceedings (and had been roundly booed as he was introduced as all politicians should be during one of these events) and then owner Bob Kraft spoke, followed by Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, Richard Seymour, Tedy Bruschi, and Junior Seau.

Junior led an old-fashioned rally cry and was a big hit.

BB got a long ovation, and everyone was eager to see a healthy Tom, who didn’t wear a protective boot and wasn’t limping.

Tedy Bruschi is an amazing story. He’s going to his fifth Super Bowl (he was part of the 1996 team that lost to Green Bay) and is cherishing this time around as after the last Super Bowl, he suffered a stroke. He’s perfectly healthy now and is savoring each moment.

The players went out to the buses and then were off to Arizona! :)

They landed in Phoenix and had to do a lot of press conferences, but most of them have been through this before and will clue in the first-timers as to how to cut down distractions. Media Day is tomorrow, and always is crazy. Last year some guy dressed up as Robin to ask his questions. :)

After Tuesday the team is sequestered and goes through their practices. It’s been BB’s custom to bring them to a different hotel the night before the Big Game, just the team, no family or friends.

It’s a continuation of the custom of the team spending the night before every game at home in a hotel.

It’s going to be a wild week! :)
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