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Super Bowl Week Kicks Off!

So what’s going on in New England as Super Bowl Week kicks off?

Patriots’ gear everywhere, and businesses trying to cash in by saying, "Go, Patriots!" The local TV stations are running specials left and right, and their newscasts sometimes lead off with Pats’ news. Tom Brady’s visit to girlfriend Giselle in New York with flowers in hand and boot on foot caused quite a stir! :) I love a man who brings his significant other flowers! :)

Since this is the fourth time in seven years, we’re accustomed to Super Bowl craziness here. It’s always a blast to anticipate the Big Game and hope for the best for your team!

The all-sports station from Boston, WEEI, will be sending several of their radio hosts out to Phoenix and Radio Row is always an interesting experience! :)

There will be little traffic on Super Bowl night, and houses will be brightly lit with cars parked around, having arrived earlier in the day. Bars and restaurants will be packed, and a huge share of the TVs in New England (and all across North America) will be tuned to the Game.

Who outside of North America gets the Game? I know other countries do but am not sure of specifics.

It’s always a fun ride! :)
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