bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

Not So Bad--It was 20 Degrees Today

Hmm, the deep freeze is settling in. I shall need two quilts on top of the bed tonight. :)

Reading on the Patriots' message board about San Diego fans complaining about the cold and wondering if the poster was crazy for just wearing a Bill Belichick-style hoodie today. I realized that I was wearing the equivalent, a hat, no scarf or gloves. :) Wimps! The poster said they were wearing heavy winter coats and scarves and warned them that they hadn't seen nothin' yet! ;)

Game time temps should be hovering around 17 degrees and probably close to zero with the wind chill.

Pikers! Try 10 below zero like in January 2004 during the divisional playoff game in Foxboro. ;)

Well, I'm shuffling off to bed and will be immersed in Patriots' Nation tomorrow. I might be on-line at night, but most likely not as if we win, I'll be celebrating, and if we lose, I'll be crying in my Sam Adams beer. ;)

Tom's blue in his icon but not from the cold, the pretty! ;)

Glad he likes modeling. We get some very cool pix that way! ;)

Whee! I started a birthday fic due next week! Finally got a bunny! :)

Have I O.D.'d on chocolate?


Naaahhh! ;)
Tags: new england patriots, tom brady
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