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Notes On Rainbow's Freedom

So, the second arc is finished and the third one is being written. Where has it been and where will it all go from here? :) 

Shadow Of The Bat was a dark arc, but necessary.  We all know Bruce and his tendency to run from deep emotion, and he was also scared of his family’s name and Clark’s vulnerability if his love was known.  He now knows that working together with Clark is far better, and he won’t make the same mistake again.


From Sanctuary to Shadow Of The Bat, four months have passed.  Future arcs will go faster, but the Muses (I blame everything on them!) insisted upon laying the groundwork in one season.


As you can tell by the name of the next arc, RobinSong, Dick makes his appearance in this universe.  I’ve already been asked if he will be a slave child, and he will be.  My thinking on that was how much more vulnerable he will feel after his parents’ deaths, and how this status will allow him to bond more closely with Clark and Alfred while seguing nicely into obeying Bruce as both Dick and Robin.  He will also serve to further push Bruce down the road of seeing how much his Household is more Family than Household.


Abolitionist movement: Bruce will also become more involved though not directly (an open advocate of abolitionism has to sell his slaves, and he won’t do that, uh uh) but he’s a clever boy.  He’ll come up with a plan.  :)


Dinah makes her first appearance in this arc, and there will be more Ollie, Steve, Hal, and Lex and some new DCU characters.


I’ve also been asked if Clark will regain his memory and powers soon.  Not for the foreseeable future, as that would pretty much end things quickly.  The Master/slave dynamic would no longer exist, and there’s plenty more to be explored there.  Clark is a naturally-compassionate person, but his suffering as a slave will make him the greatest leader of not only the JLA but the Abolitionist Movement as well. 


Bruce will be the other great leader, his slaveowner status teaching him a great deal from the other side.


There will be a third leader to complete the Trinity.  ;)


RobinSong arc has been outlined with 44 chapters.  31 have been written as a first draft so far.  There may be more or less by the end as I tend to let my writing find its own rhythm and break up extra-long chapters into two and combine short chapters into one.


The next three outlined arcs (outlined as in several chapters are inserted but they are only rough drafts) are the following with tentative titles:


Arc the Fourth: Paradise (Diana makes her first appearance and there is more Caldwell evil afoot.)


Arc the Fifth: The Jewel In The Crown (A special off-world diplomatic mission involves Bruce, Clark, and Dick, with Clark more vulnerable than ever.)


Arc the Sixth: Project K (How to Control the Kryptonians—Project details, skullduggery, corruption, you name it. ;) )

Oh, and there will be more after this. I just haven't outlined them yet. ;) 

Change is never easy.  You can be sure that there will be fierce resistance to abolishing slavery and there’s always that pesky Cold War that could turn hot at any second!  :)


I’m grateful for all the lovely people who have read my work and commented, too!  This is a Clark/Bruce series but there will be a lot of characters from the DCU involved, as well as original characters. 


I really don’t know when the third arc will be ready to go.  I predicted a timeframe last time and it was totally bogus, so I won’t do that again!  J 


In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy my other work.  I have finally come up with bunnies for my assorted Challenges, have some birthday fic ideas, and essay musings! 


Stay tuned!


Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!  ;) 





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