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Superman Outdated?

I was reading through various comments in the DC universe lately and someone mentioned that Superman was seen by some people as being 'outdated' and a hero that people could not relate to, or he was 'boring'. Well, I guess I've always seen just the opposite. I consider Kal-El to be one of the most fascinating heroes of all. His powers are just part of it, but let's start with that. What does it say about his character when he possesses such incredible strength and flight and all his other powers, like heat vision but he worries about hurting people and has restrained himself since a very young age to control them. He can do fantastic things, yet takes the time to rescue cats from trees. :) Superman is a hero who could rule the world but chooses to protect, not dictate. His worst vulnerability, in fact, is not Kryptonite but his ability to be hurt by the humans he protects. Hurt as in his heart can be hurt (Shame on you, Bruce!) or his emotions can be manipulated. He possesses an optimism that finds him frequently disappointed but still forging ahead. Somehow he thinks we're worth it. And he's far from perfect, subject to struggling with emotions and decisions just like human beings. Kryptonians are like us in appearance and I'm assuming internally except for the big difference of absorbing the sun's energy to become superpowered. His emotions are like ours, too. When you consider it, he's probably more human in his reactions than Batman, for crying out loud! :) (Don't worry, I'm not a Batman basher). The key to Superman is his childhood: he was raised by loving adoptive parents and his sense of responsibility was cultivated and reinforced by Jonathan and Martha Kent. Lucky for us! :)
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