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Writing Can Be A B**ch Sometimes, Part Deux

Okay, it has been an interesting day. Last night I posted about a plot point driving me crazy in "Rainbow's Freedom" and having to fix it. Well, another one bugged me last night. My thinking kinda went like this: "You're painting Bruce into a corner here! It'll be like Moe, Larry, and Curly trying to get out of the corner without ruining the paint! For cryin' out loud! You *know* if he keeps this *vital secret* from the beginning, he's screwed, and I don't mean the fun he's having with Clarkie in bed! Think, girl, think!" Huzzah! Inspiration! I realized that Bruce might have to keep the secret, but not from the beginning. He would be just as much a victim as all the rest, in the Bat-dark, so to speak. So, go back to Chapter One, add a few tidbits, throw out a few more and keep those scenes, changed due to the Fruit of Knowledge being put back on the tree branch for now, and stick 'em in Chapter Two. THE WHOLE DYNAMIC CHANGES! Good thing I haven't written more than two-and-a-half chapters. For %^&#@! Why is it that sometimes a story just flows and then another time it's Rewrite City? *gnaws on Muse* Sigh.

Oh, well. I really did have a great writing day. I practically wrote an entire new story in my head for Bruce/Dick (those crazy kids!) and started typing it on the computer tonight, and am rapidly making changes to "RF" as I type. Good thing, otherwise my notebook would look like a frackin' (Battlestar Galactica fan here, '70s version, Apollo/Starbuck rock!) Egyptian hieroglyph with all the crossing out, additions, and other felgarcarb I'd have to do.

Another good thing: my writing life is keeping me from kicking the TV in or throwing the radio out the window into the snow BECAUSE MY PATRIOTS AREN'T IN THE SUPER BOWL! They were sick with flu in their last game (since Foxboro is like the Soviet-Era Kremlin in the amount of information dispensed to the public, we didn't realize almost the entire team was puking on their shoes) and from a long trip to San Diego the week before, not to mention some brutal games down the stretch, but the fact is THEY LOST! Sorry for all the frequent caps tonight but I'm a little nutsy with Super Bowl Week. When you root for a team when they were bad years ago, when you sit in training camp watching them go through their paces while the thermometer registers 96 degrees while you discuss the 3-4 versus the 4-3 defense with your bleachermates and whether or not the secondary will be injury-free this season (it wasn't) and if Tom can teach the new wide receivers the offensive system on the fly (he could), wrangle tickets to get to Gillette Stadium during the season and then endure the Route 1 bottleneck after the game, when you watch the greatest quarterback of our generation, Tom Brady, dazzle us yet again, you kinda get involved. :)

Whew! So I'll get back to writing and who knows? See what the Muse will bring! Thank you kindly for reading my rant!
Tags: fanfic, new england patriots, tom brady, writing
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