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I'm trying to make a few changes in 2008, and one of those changes is trying to lower the level of stress I have. Stress has been so bad for me in recent years that it's affected my health. Meditation and yoga have helped, but I also believe trying to approach things a little differently might also help.

An area of my life I can control is fandom and my writing. I fully intend to do my best to meet deadlines and to continue series I've begun, but I'll be cutting back other things, and allowing myself to enjoy the art of writing even more this year. :) I will continue to post Challenges, as I find them fun to do and to watch responses. My style tends to be giving prompts within the Challenges that I hope are helpful to players.

The relaxed approach has already freed up my Muses as some old requests are starting to be written and Diana is talking to me for my own Wonder Woman Challenge. ;)

I plan to keep up as usual with my f-list and replying to comments on my work. I can't stress giving and receiving feedback enough. It's our only payment, so to speak, beyond the joy of the work itself. If you've got only one fannish resolution this year, make it feedback! :) Enthusiasm for our work keeps our Muses fresh and productive.

Take deep breaths, think of walking along the beach and hearing the sound of the ocean, imagine eating a nice, juicy orange or tangerine and take time to smell the roses. ;)
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