bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

Writing Can Be A B**ch Sometimes!

Okay, I'm finally starting to write my S/B Long Series (tentatively titled "Rainbow's Freedom") and completed two chapters in my Superman notebook (I have to get the matching Batman book) when I realized I had to take whole sections of Chapter One and plunk them down in Chapter Two. There was a plot point that had been bugging me all the while I wrote it ("Should Bruce know this *before* the main event in Chapter Two? That presents too many complications! Argh! It should be *after*!) and this morning the brilliant solution came to me. :) So now I'm rearranging everything while I type on the computer. I could have merrily gone on along as is, but my Author's Instinct just wouldn't let me. So now I feel better, though the guy who said writers don't love to write, they love to *have written* could be right. :) Though I do enjoy the writing process. It just drives me crazy sometimes. I guess that'll teach me to get into psychological study fic with chains rattling around! :)

But then writing can be wonderful. I log on this morning and read a ton of feedback on "Beautiful Diamond"! Wow! I am inspired! Thanks to all who take the time to write feedback. It truly is appreciated.
Tags: fanfic, superman/batman, writing
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