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Shaping Up!

Well, things are shaping up on my LJ! I managed to get some links posted under my profile so that I could collect all my fiction in one place, or more accurately, two. :) I'll probably start putting entries into the Memory function, but for me, one thing at a time! :) Thanks to Jen for giving me tips about the links. The pages aren't anything fancy and probably need more tweaking, but they are links that work and so will be handy for people. I'm not sure if I'll go back and put the links to the archival pages for previous fiction, but I'll see. Maybe for fic from this point on. Who knows? I'm just happy to get the links working! :)

LJ is frustrating and fun! Frustrating when things don't work, fun when they do. I enjoy learning new things about it all the time.

We got some snow but not much. I'm sure it'll all be saved up for the next few months! :)
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