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Week 17: New England Patriots 38, New York Giants 35 (16-0) (December 29, 2007)

Week 17: New England Patriots 38, New York Giants 35 (16-0) (December 29, 2007)

16-0, baby! Whoo hoo! :)

Perfect! ;)

Just got back from partying! LOL! Kidding! We'll party after the Super Bowl if we win it all! But it's been cool. ;)

What a crazy, wonderful season it’s been! No other team has ever done this in the history of the National Football League! Yowza! :)

Tom got his 50th touchdown at the same time that Randy got his 23rd reception, both new single-season records. The Patriots broke the record for points scored in a single season, and there were probably a bazillion other records broken, too. :)

Coach Bill Belichick, the coaching staff, and all the rest of the team deserves kudos, too. Football is truly a team effort, and these guys work hard. They don’t have guys getting arrested or beating up their wives or girlfriends or generally causing off-field trouble. As much as possible, these 53 guys are a pretty good bunch. Oh, yeah, and the 8 guys on the practice squad! :)

Of course, the ultimate goal is the Super Bowl, but we’re going to enjoy this one for awhile. :)

The Giants came out smokin’, and gave the Patriots a game, but in the end, it was Tom Brady and his Cool Crew that got the job done. ;) I was a little nervous when they started the second half with a three-and-out after an uninspired half of football, but even when they were down 12 points in the fourth quarter I just bided my time. I’ve seen Tom lead this team back late in the game too many times to give up hope, and my faith was rewarded! :)

It’s been an incredible ride. Considering that I rooted for this team when they were simply awful in some seasons past, I am enjoying the fruits of victory, my friends. The time will come when they’ll be mediocre again, but I’m living in the moment! Fans around here suffered for years with bad teams and occasional stretches of success, but nothing like this!

We sat on those aluminum bleachers in the old stadium that were like skillets in the summer and ice blocks in the winter, and we watched 1-15 teams and mismanagement and craziness for years. What other team has in its history this story: a player, Bob Gladieux, is cut from the Patriots in the late ‘60s and winds up going to the game already half in the bag at one of the college stadiums that the vagabond Pats used to play in before the built the first stadium in Foxboro. He’s with a buddy, who goes to get beer and hot dogs. The buddy comes back and looks around for Gladieux. The game starts with the kick-off and he hears the announcer say, "Tackle made by Gladieux!" Yep, they contacted Bob in the stands and he left and suited up. True story! ;)

Got a million of ‘em, folks! Now this organization is the class of the NFL, and we fans are going to savor every second!

On to the playoffs! :)
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