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Fic: The Joy Of Language (1/1)

Title: The Joy Of Language (1/1)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters: Sarah Jean Trevor, Diana, Clark/Bruce, the JLA, and other familiar faces
Genre: Humor (More of a lighthearted feel rather than a side-splitter. ;) )
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: A sharp-eyed reporter is a linguist…of an interesting type!
Date Of Completion: December 28, 2007
Date Of Posting: December 29, 2007
Disclaimer: I don’t own 'em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1455
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Note: Happy Birthday,

paxwolf ! :) 



Sarah Jean Trevor watched the impressive display: the entire Justice League of America on the wide dais, standing at attention while Wonder Woman spoke.


Sarah Jean had a special fondness for the Amazon.  She was dating her brother Steve, after all, and it was that connection that had gotten Sarah Jean into this special ceremony at the United Nations as the correspondent from the Boston Lantern.  Her press credentials were prominently displayed on her lapel as she took notes.


The Justice League had once again saved Earth from alien invasion, and the world wanted to express its gratitude.  Heroes in shimmering spandex lined the dais, from the scarlet-and-gold of the Flash to the green-and-gold of the Hawks to the luminescent green of Green Lantern.  Aquaman was in silvery orange-and-green, the Martian Manhunter’s green skin glowed with health, the Elongated Man was smiling in red-yellow-and-black, and Black Canary and Zatanna were twins in fishnet stockings, both in blue-black outfits that displayed strength and beauty.


Wonder Woman, of course, was resplendent in her star-spangled costume, her Amazonian proportions eye-catching, radiating beauty and power as her sisters did.  Light winked off the gold eagle on her tunic as she spoke.


Superman and Batman stood together, the Kryptonian in his familiar red-yellow-and-blue costume with the shimmering scarlet cape that fell so elegantly to the dais.  In contrast, Batman’s cape was an inky black, his entire costume dark except for his yellow utility belt.


Sarah Jean had met Diana on several occasions due to the woman’s status as Steve’s lover.  She was warm and charming, and through her Sarah Jean had met some of the other heroes, including the World’s Finest.


She watched the duo as she listened to Wonder Woman’s speech, noting with interest how little space there was between them as they stood on the dais.  Every other hero kept a polite distance of several inches, but Superman and Batman’s shoulders were almost touching.  Even their capes were overlapping!


That was very interesting.  Batman did not strike her as a person who enjoyed people invading his personal space, yet Superman was doing so without any tension between them.


Of course, they were friends of long standing, so that could account for it.


Applause rained down on the Amazon, who smiled and said, “Thank you!  And now a few words from our Chairperson, Superman.”


More applause as Diana stepped back and Superman took his spot at the podium. 


Sarah Jean was suddenly struck by how alone Batman looked.


“The Justice League thanks the people of Earth…”


She listened to the speech while gathering impressions.  Most of the world’s diplomats were paying rapt attention to Superman, as they had done for Wonder Woman.  Some were disgruntled, no doubt disliking capes garnering such attention, but they were in the minority. 


Up on the dais, most of the Leaguers were watching Superman, some gazing across the audience. 


Batman was looking at Superman.


Again, interesting.  Batman was known for intelligence-gathering and not insignificant paranoia.  He would be more likely to scan the crowd, making and filing away observations as well as keeping an eye out for any potential trouble, but instead he was focusing on Superman.


Batman’s body language was indicative of someone focusing his whole being on the Kryptonian.  Their friendship was legendary, so Sarah Jean once again chalked up the curious behavior to that, but it still intrigued her. 


Sarah Jean was not a reporter fond of just the facts, ma’am.  She believed in body language and reading expressions and all the intuitive clues that men scoffed at and condescendingly called ‘women’s intuition’, while women merely read the clues that humans gave them.


Something was up.


Superman finished his speech and applause sounded throughout the chamber, and the Secretary General presented Superman with a plaque and there was more applause, then the JLA were escorted off the dais to the back for a reception upstairs.


Sarah Jean had also been gifted with a pass to that reception, and she quickly dodged through the crowd of diplomats to reach the spacious hall that would contain the event.


She enjoyed punch and some truly exquisite scones while watching the interaction of the JLA with the representatives of dozens of nations.  Each one seemed polished, Diana superb with her long practice of being Ambassador for Paradise Island, and Aquaman was also a veteran of diplomacy as King Orin of Atlantis.  The Hawks were ambassadors from Thanagar, and even J’onn represented another world.


The only one not enamored of small talk was Batman, and he slipped away into the shadows.


Sarah Jean enjoyed the cacophony of languages around her as she spoke with a few diplomats.  She noticed that fellow reporters Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and Vicki Vale were also working the room.  She waved to Lois, who smiled back, and Sarah Jean tossed her long blond hair back as she smiled at the Indian diplomat who was quite friendly.


The multitude of tongues was impressive.  Language was so essential to the human experience.  And she firmly believed that body language was part of that.  Even now she was reading the stance of a diplomat from Asia or the tightness of fingers around a cup from the Ambassador from Chile.  She didn’t need to understand any of the spoken languages to read the unspoken one.


Superman was the center of attention, but as the reception wore on Sarah Jean noticed that he was suddenly no longer there.  Curious, she made the rounds of the room but didn’t notice him.  And Batman was gone, too.


She left the room and walked down the hall, searching for the ladies’ room.


That’s when she heard voices.


Murmurs, actually, the words in English.  She noticed a door slightly ajar at the far end of the hall.  Maybe it was the Canadian Ambassador.  She wanted to get an interview with him on how well the gay marriage laws were working in his country.


Sarah Jean walked down the hall quietly, trying to figure out how she was going to approach him when she stopped short.


Through the sliver of open doorway, she saw the World’s Finest.




Surprised, she watched for a moment, then a smile spread across her face. 


Once again, Superman was invading Batman’s personal space, and he had no objections at all.  In fact, he seemed to be enjoying it.  A lot.


The kiss was passionate, as if neither man could have waited another second to get into each other’s arms.


Which was true, considering the risk they were taking, or at least they should have shut the door tightly.


Well, a treat for her, at least.  This body language spoke volumes!


She supposed she should have been shocked, but then, why?  Gay relationships were becoming more common all the time, and it tickled her pink that two of the most masculine men in the superhero game were happy to play tonsil hockey with each other.  If the world only knew…!


Sarah Jean heard footsteps and she casually turned away, looking out the window instead.


“Sarah Jean, dear!  How are you?”


Diana smiled at her as she approached.  Sarah Jean smiled back.


“Great, Diana.” The Amazon stopped next to her, taller than Sarah Jean and as beautiful as ever.  Sarah Jean carefully kept her eyes above the impressive bust out of politeness, as she always enjoyed looking, and Diana’s blue eyes were sparkling. “How are you doing?”


“Fine.  Occasions like this give me opportunity to practice my languages.”


“Yes, um, language can be quite…interesting.”


Diana rested a hand on her golden lasso. “How’s your parents and cousins?”


“In perfect health, thank you.” Sarah Jean grinned. “How’s my brother?”


“Also in perfect health.” Diana’s eyes sparkled with mischief this time.


“Great!” Sarah Jean grinned.


“Did you get lost?”


“Yeah, I was looking for the ladies’ room.”


The door next to them opened, and Superman and Batman emerged, everything neatly arranged and precisely coiffed.  Batman’s cowl was on straight and Superman’s curl was in place.


If both were slightly flushed, who was Sarah Jean to speak of it?


“Gentlemen, I think that the Secretary-General is looking for you.”


“Thank you, Diana.  Hello, Sarah Jean.”


“Hello, Superman.  Batman.”


Batman nodded and Superman said, “C’mon, Batman, duty calls.”


With a sweep of his cape, Batman snorted, “I’d rather face the Royal Flush Gang.”


Laughing, Superman put an arm around his friend’s shoulders and they walked down the hall.  Sarah Jean watched them go, her own smile amused, and she noticed Diana smiling at her.


Acknowledgment of a precious nugget of knowledge passed between them, then Diana put her arm around Sarah Jean’s shoulders and said as they walked down the hall, “Now, can you tell me if Steve likes Indian food…?”     




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