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Fandom Resolutions (Ganked from Jen)

jen_in_japan has a wonderful question over on superhero_muses asking for our New Year's fannish resolutions. Hope you don't mind me swiping this for my LJ, Jen! :) These are my resolutions, and my curiosity is afire: what are yours? :)

1. I will finish all fic requests still on the 'To-Do' list. :)

2. I will begin writing my two essays for superhero_muses.

3. I will begin writing two essays not on the superhero_muses schedule but that have been floating around in my head for awhile.

4. I will announce new Challenges on New Year's Day.

5. I will go over my posted fic and decide which series to add to that have been languishing for awhile.

6. I will continue to write my Rainbow's Freedom series.

7. I will continue to write my 'niche' pairings (Steve/Diana, Clark/Dick, Apollo/Starbuck, etc.) in addition to the more popular pairings.

8. I will continue to promote and moderate wonderwomanlove with love! ;)

If I do half of these, I'll be happy! ;)
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