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Comm Rec: Dancing Robins, Amazon Bondage, And More! ;)

Hi, everyone! Still eggnogged? ;) Hope all went well with Christmas and Yule and Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.

I am recommending scans_daily to anyone still not subbed to it. They have begun locking certain posts so you have to be a member for some of the good stuff. :) It was founded as a slash-centric comm (still is with some non-slash posts mixed in) and features hilarious 'readings' of Clark/Bruce, Bruce/Dick (oh, the super-and-batdickery! Poor Dick!) and Wonder Woman Bondage. ;) The scans are DC, Marvel, and other comics.

Where else can you find Batman forcing Robin to dance on a table for the pleasure and enjoyment of his new criminal gang (This scan was just posted over there, heh heh)?

Where else can you find Dick attacking Bruce while Bruce is taking a shower, and they fight as Nekkid Bruce and Robin in his scanty panties? ;)

Where else can you find the World's Finest and their slashy ways? :)

Where else can you find Diana tied up in nearly every scan? :)

Where else can you find Captain America riding Iron Man like a pony? ;)

scans_daily won't clog up your flist because like most comms, the pix are behind lj cuts. Just some teasers shown to get you interested! So you needn't worry about slow downloading of pix if you don't want to take the time to see them.

The comics scanned are from previous eras and from current canon. Something for everybody!

Recently there was an amusing newspaper strip from 1946 featuring Bruce and Dick dressed undercover at a masquerade ball: Bruce as Louis XVI and Dick as Marie Antoinette! And the bad guys at the ball fighting to see who would get to dance with him! ;)

Ah, the good ol' days! ;)
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