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History at 8:15 this Saturday Night

Hope all had a happy Yule and Christmas. :)

I just found out today that the NFL caved to demand (helped along by Senator Kerry) and now the Patriots' final game of the season against the Giants will be broadcast not only on the NFL Network but simulcast on CBS and NBC. Whew! There had been mutterings of my area being blacked out as well for the limited free TV viewing (Apparently the NFL only considers Boston the area of viewing for the Patriots. Idiots!) so I'm relieved I won't have to listen to the radio only! :)

Records to be broken: first time ever a team wins all 16 games in a season.

Tom is at 48 TD passes. The record for a single season is 49.

Randy is at 21 TD catches. The record for a single season is 22.

The Patriots need 7 points to break the all-time scoring record for a team in a single season (includes all points: TDs, field goals, PATs).

They scored their 71st touchdown last week, establishing a new record for a single season (there are passing TDs and running TDs).

If you're interested in seeing history possibly being made, you'll have plenty of places to watch it now! ;)

These chances don't come often. The last perfect season was the 1972 Miami Dolphins with 14 wins. The NFL went to a 16-game season in 1978.

Tom was named the Sporting News' Male Athlete Of The Year. :)
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