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Week 16: New England Patriots 28, Miami Dolphins 7 (15-0) (December 23, 2007)

Week 16: New England Patriots 28, Miami Dolphins 7 (15-0) (December 23, 2007)

Okay, what can I say? :)

15-0, baby! ;)

The offense was clicking wonderfully in the first half, scoring all of its 28 points. It was less successful in the second half, disappointing the fans who wanted to see Tom break the single-season passing touchdown record at home, set by Peyton Manning in 2006. The record is 49, and Tom has 48 TDs after today’s game. Randy Moss has 21 TDs, and he is trying to break the record of Jerry Rice, who had 22 TDs in one season.

Laurence Maroney had a great day running the ball, and special teams were still sharp. The defense made some big plays.

The final game is at New York next Saturday night against the Giants. While those of us in the Boston area will be able to see the game on free TV, the game is being shown on the NFL Network, which many people do not have and with the squabble between the NFL and the cable companies, won’t get. So history might be made next week, and not only will most of the country not see it, a lot of New England won’t, either. Great! >:(

Anyway, we’re celebrating No. 15! Also home field throughout the playoffs, and the bye week! Lookin’ good! ;)
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