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Bruce/Dick (Batman/Robin) Slash Fiction Archive

This page will be for my collected links of Bruce/Dick (Batman/Robin) slash fiction.

Light To The Dark (1/4/07)

Dick reflects on his relationship with Bruce.

The Age Of Heroes (Possibly Clark/Bruce/Dick) (1/11/07)

What happens to heroes, like the Old Gods and Goddesses, when they begin to fade away?

Chapter One: Unbearable

Chapter Two: Fading Away...

Chapter Three: Lemon Tea And Raspberry Sugar Cookies

Chapter Four: Time's Tides

Silence 1/26/07)

Must silence always equal regret, or something else?

The Bright Laughter Series (Clark/Dick):

Clark and Dick find love together after broken romances.

Bright Laughter I: A Mutual Friend (Clark/Dick, Past Bruce/Dick, Clark/Bruce) (1/15/07)

Dick finds happiness with an old friend.

Bright Laughter II: Dancing In The Clouds (Clark/Dick, Past Clark/Bruce, Bruce/Dick) (7/3/07)

Clark takes Dick flying on a beautiful sunny day.

Bright Laughter III: Still The World's Finest (Clark/Dick, Past Bruce/Dick, Clark/Bruce) (4/11/08)

The World’s Finest patrol Gotham until an injury occurs.

Chapter One: Joker-In-The-Box

Chapter Two: Pajama Party

Waiting (2/5/07)

There are times when the Batman is not good at waiting. Bruce is even worse.

Chapter One: English Muffins

Chapter Two: Cranberry Muffins

The Darkness, Once And Always (2/7/07)

Sometimes a loss is just too much to bear.

Twist Of Fate (2/13/07)

No matter where, no matter when, it’s always about the Joker, isn’t it?

Note: This story was not specifically written as slash, but if I decide to go ahead with any sequels, it can be read as the Bruce/Dick pairing as the continuation of this story would be slash.

The Castle In The Clouds Series:

The Prince of Gotham owns the city just as much as the Batman. How does his Crown Prince fit in?

Castle In The Clouds I: The Heir (2/23/07)

Robin is the heir to the mantle of the Bat, but Dick is also the heir to the Wayne legacy.

Chapter One: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chapter Two: The Other Family Business

Chapter Three: Off The Rack? Mais Non!

Chapter Four: The Glass Slipper (Or Is That A Pixie Boot?)

Chapter Five: Cufflinks, Amethysts, And Let's Hope The Batmobile Doesn't Turn Into A Pumpkin

Chapter Six: Happily Ever After

Castle In The Clouds II: Town Criers (3/13/08)

After the Winter Ball, the media storm hits.

Chapter One: Feeding Frenzy

Chapter Two: Eclipse

Chapter Three: Tomato-And-Lettuce

Chapter Four: Cookies!

Castle In The Clouds III: Raise The Drawbridge!!! (2/7/09)

Enemies of The Prince of Gotham and his Royal Consort storm the Castle!

Chapter One: Plotting In The Conservatory

Chapter Two: Protesters And Paparazzi

Chapter Three: Blood In The Moat

Chapter Four: The Church Of The Word

Chapter Five: Mad Bruce Wayne

Chapter Six: Jim's Bet

Chapter Seven: The Blarney Stone

Chapter Eight: A Man's Home Is His Castle

Chapter Nine: Lavender And Chocolate

The Dimensions Of Feeling Series

Bruce loses Dick...but is there another chance?

Dimensions of Feeling I: Etched In Stone (3/5/07)

From a bleak present, is there a glimmer of hope for the future?

Dance (A Drabble) (3/11/07)

Written for the batknights 100 x 100 Drabbles: Robin's grace of movement...

Black Silk's Sunlight (A Drabble) (3/19/07)

Written for the batknights 100 x 100 Drabbles: Black silk sheets shimmered on the bed.

Dark Alley (3/31/07)

A dark alley spells tragedy.

Sunlight (Drabble) (4/6/07)

Written for the batknights 100 x 100 Drabbles: Sunlight 'n' smiles.

Wings Of Angels Trilogy:

Before, during, and after an epidemic in Gotham is chronicled.

Wings Of Angels Trilogy Book I: Epidemic (4/22/07)

When Gotham falls to an epidemic, Batman and Robin need help to protect the city.

Chapter One: Tropical

Chapter Two: Gypsy Blood

Chapter Three: Little Bird Lost

Chapter Four: Little Bird Flying

Chapter Five: True Love

Chapter Six: Bright As The Sun

Chapter Seven: Pretty Little Bird

Chapter Eight: Ribbons Of Light

Chapter Nine: Pixie Boots And Short Pants

Chapter Ten: Night's Pain

Chapter Eleven: Harps Of The Fabled

Chapter Twelve: Wings, Black And Smooth

Chapter Thirteen: Joy Of The Sky

Chapter Fourteen: The Angel Of Death (Part 1)

Chapter Fourteen: The Angel Of Death (Part 2)

Wings Of Angels Trilogy Book II: Healing (11/9/11)

After the epidemic, Robin recovers in Gotham General Hospital.

Chapter One: Shutterbugs

Chapter Two: Shadows

The Seasons' Grievings Series

Bruce struggles to cope with Dick's death.

Seasons' Grievings I: Apple Blossoms (6/13/07)

On a beautiful spring day, goodbyes are said.

Seasons' Grievings II: Winter's Snows (1/4/08)

Spring is bright but buried beneath winter’s snows.

Pretty In Pink (6/17/07)

A mishap tickles Dick's funnybone.

Lawn Mowers 'N' Lemonade (6?18/07)

A hot day, a cool drink, and Bruce noticing Dick's tight shorts.

The Bright Essence Series (Gen Fic):

Bright Essence I: Darkness Rising (Gen Fic) (6/20/07)

Why Dick is acting like a dick in DC canon. :)

Chapter One: Moonless Night

Chapter Two: Garden's Light

A Bat And His Little Bird (Year One) Series

I'll be writing a lot of Bruce and Wee!Dick stories, but the stories of their first year together will be gathered together under this series title.

A Bat And His Little Bird (Year One) I: Harbinger (Batfamily--Gen Fic) (6/26/07)

Early in his career as Batman, Bruce Wayne reflects on his successes but something still seems to be missing.

A Bat And His Little Bird (Year One) II: Light, Followed By Darkness (Bruce, Wee!Dick) (Gen Fic) (6/30/07)

Early in the Dynamic Duo's career, Dick comes up with a plan.

A Bat And His Little Bird (Year One) III: Become One (Bruce, Wee!Dick) (Gen Fic) (4/27/08)

Bruce realizes that two can become one.

A Bat And His Little Bird (Year One) IV: Carrot (Bruce, Wee!Dick) (Gen Fic) (4/21/10)

Bruce’s training of his new protégé requires some tweaking.

A Bat And His Little Bird (Year One) V: Shattered (Bruce, Wee!Dick) (Gen Fic) (1/18/11)

A still-grieving Dick feels insecure during his early days at the Manor.

A Bat And His Little Bird (Year One) VI: Autumn Ninja! :) (Bruce, Wee!Dick) (Gen Fic) (11/22/19)

Bruce's walk through the woods yields some interesting results. :)

A Bat And His Little Bird (Year One) VII: Hold Back The Gloom (Bruce, Wee!Dick) (Gen Fic) (2/18/20)

On a gloomy winter’s day, Bruce finds sunlight.

Private Dancer (7/17/07)

Dick dances for Bruce alone.

Chapter One: Rainbow Diamonds

Chapter Two: Wheat Bread, Lettuce, Tomato...And A Pickle!

Chapter Three: Dance For Me

The Haven Series


Haven (Bruce) (7/27/07)

While a storm rages outside Wayne Manor, Bruce contemplates the peace and joy that Dick brings him.

Haven (Dick) (7/28/07)

While a storm rages outside Wayne Manor, Dick thinks about protectiveness, Bruce, and love.

Yellow Silk, Streaked In Scarlet (8/28/07)

Blood everywhere while Bruce slowly slides toward the abyss...

Envisage (10/7/07)

Dick's such a slut! ;)

Dying Light (10/13/07)

A mission in Eastern Europe goes horribly awry for Dick.

20 Random Facts About Dick Grayson (10/22/07)

Just as the title says! ;)

Worship (11/10/07)

Bruce worships at the altar of Dick Grayson (his body’s a temple!). ;)

Shining Light, Morning-Bright (11/13/07)

What would an observer see in the master bedroom of Wayne Manor?

Strawberry Sunshine (Clark/Dick) (11/23/07)

Clark treats Dick.

Beautiful Young Man (Clark/Bruce/Dick) (12/8/07)

The World’s Finest fit everything.

Chapter One: Yearnings

Chapter Two: Birthday Boy

Chapter Three: The Star Joins The Sun And The Moon

Chapter Four: Dash And Grace And Style

The Gentleman And The Sybarite (1/3/08)

Bruce insists that Dick act like a gentleman…then reconsiders.

Sensual Possessive (1/23/08)

Dick belongs to Bruce.

Security Blanket (2/23/08)

Dick has a favorite time he shares with Bruce on patrol.

Lemon Tart (6/18/08)

One guess as to who's the tart. ;)

Vulnerable (Clark/Bruce/Dick) (6/21/08)

After Clark is injured by Kryptonite, Bruce and Dick take care of him.

Chapter One: Frantic

Chapter Two: A Different Kind Of Frantic

Situational Electricity (8/11/08)

Bruce and Dick share their first kiss.

'To-Do' List (Bruce, Wee!Dick) (Gen Fic) (9/18/08)

Dick is wearing down under an avalanche of work.

Midnight Waltz (10/30/08)

The abandoned mansion on the outskirts of Gotham holds secrets that very few dare to investigate.

Quiet Color (11/3/08)

Surrounded by autumn color, Bruce seeks out the color in his life: Dick.

Lap Of Luxury (Clark/Bruce/Dick) (11/9/08)

Bruce treats Clark and Dick to a weekend at Gotham’s finest luxury hotel.

The Family Traditions Series (Batfamily--Gen Fic)

When young Dick Grayson comes to the Manor, he brings a re-awakening of family traditions.

Family Traditions I: Thanksgiving (Bruce, Wee!Dick) (Gen Fic) (11/24/08)

Old family traditions come together for a new family at Wayne Manor.

Family Traditions II: "O, Christmas Tree!" (Bruce, Wee!Dick) (Gen Fic) (12/4/09)

Every ornament has a story.

Family Traditions III: A Robin Gets His Wings!!! (Christmas Eve) (Bruce, Wee!Dick) (Gen Fic) (12/9/09)

It’s Dick’s first Christmas Eve at the Manor.

Family Traditions IV: Grab A Fistful Of Glitter!!! (Bruce/Dick) (12/26/09)

After a tough day out in the world, Bruce comes home to his heart.

Santa's Favorite Elf (12/25/08)

Pixie boots and jingle bells make Bruce a happy Bat.

Broken Bird (12/29/08)

Dick will do anything to save Bruce.

Backdrop (Clark/Lois, Bruce/Dick) (1/6/09)

Lois hangs out with Clark in the Monitor Room of the JLA Watchtower. Mild snooping ensues.

Like The Air (1/22/09)

Bruce and Dick need each other.

Nobody Understands (Bruce, Wee!Dick) (Gen Fic) (3/1/09)

Dick’s friends really don’t understand Bruce.

Once More, Laughter (Bruce, Wee!Dick) (Gen Fic) (3/10/09)

Laughter returns to Wayne Manor after a long absence.

Forgiveness (3/23/09)

Bruce’s guilt and shame nearly crush him.

Silken Memories (Bruce, Wee!Dick) (Gen Fic) (3/29/09)

After Bruce is gone, Dick’s memories overwhelm him down in the Cave.

Savage (Gen or Pre-Slash Fic) (4/25/09)

Bruce must go to his Broken Bird.

The A Box Of Chocolates Series

Life is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re gonna get! ;)

A Box Of Chocolates I: The Chocolatier's Confection (4/29/09)

Gotham’s newest villain is creamy-smooth.

Chapter One: Hersey Kiss

Chapter Two: Food Of The Goddesses

Chapter Three: Belgian Chocolates

Chapter Four: Chocolate Tastes

Chapter Five: The Creamy Center

Fashion Plate (5/5/09)

Bruce and Alfred despair of ever teaching Dick fashion sense. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

Shadows (6/30/09)

Dick understands Bruce's shadows.

The Collared Series:

In each generation of Waynes, there has been a claim to a Chosen One...and Bruce lays his claim to Dick.

Collared I: Wild Thing (7/6/09)

Bruce is desperate to erase the memory of his toxin-induced nightmare.

Collared II: The Claiming (2/5/10)

Bruce claims Dick.

Collared III: The Contract (4/2/13)

Bruce and Dick negotiate their D/s contract.

Collared IV: What I Am (7/9/17)

For their first official session as Master and slave (24/7), Bruce has dirty talk on his mind. Dick approves, though the ball gag keeps it silent approval.

Sacrifice (8/7/09)

A JLA and Teen Titans’ mission goes horribly awry on a primitive planet.

Chapter One: The Chosen

Chapter Two: Sparkling Heart

Chapter Three: Quest

Chapter Four: No More Hiding

Storm (8/29/09)

Crackling electricity = Batman and Robin. ;)

Rain-Glittered (9/25/09)

Batman prowls Gotham, bleeding inside without his Teen Wonder.

Hot Chocolate And Sparkling-Warm Cranberry Muffins (Dick/?) (10/14/09)

Dick enjoys spending time at a cozy café on a snowy winter day.

The Sun And the Moon Looked Down Upon The Stars (10/21/09)

Dick’s Sunlight matches Bruce’s Moonlight.

Finally (11/10/09)

A loyal butler can only be patient for so long.

Crowns 'N' Caviar (Clark/Bruce/Dick) (2/9/10)

Clark sups at the royal banquet, Gotham-style.

Oscar Night!!! (3/5/10)

Dick isn't the only showman in the family.

Cherished (3/27/10)

Bruce needs and adores Dick, and proceeds to show him just how much.

Preening Peacock (4/13/10)

Bruce feels that Dick is getting a little too cocky.

A Slave To His Desire (7/5/10)

Bruce trusts his needs...and Dick.

The Insatiable Series:

Bruce has possession of a very rare slave: a ravaj, whose sexual appetite is insatiable. He does his best to keep Dick satisfied! ;)

Insatiable I: Ravaj (7/6/10)

Bruce needs a lot of stamina to keep up with his rare and precious pleasure slave! ;)

Insatiable II: The Javon (11/29/13)

Bruce is distracted while making plans. His Insatiable is the perfect distraction! ;)

Faith (Clark & Bruce & Dick) (Gen) (7/8/10)

When Clark needs him, Dick is there.

Spontaneous Confession (7/13/10)

In a bloody Gotham alley, Batman is shocked into a confession.

The Settings Series

This series will focus on the settings of the DC Universe, in different timelines and 'verses, and sometimes with different pairings.

Settings II: Wayne Manor (Bruce/Dick) (11/7/11)

Wayne Manor has been here since the country’s beginnings and has seen tragedy give birth to a great Mission and an even greater Love.

Mists (8/21/10)

Strange mists envelop Gotham.

Chapter One: "Listen To Your Blood"

Chapter Two: The Shining One

The Golden Hugger (9/23/10)

The Bat-Family enjoys a golden autumn day together.

The Best Butt In The Entire Universe!!! (1/22/11)

Bruce observes the best butt in the entire Universe with predictable results. ;)

Diamond Roses (1-7) (3/23/11)

What can grief drive a man to do?

Rainswept (9/4/11)

Pain, rain, and darkness.

Chicken Noodle Soup (Clark/Bruce/Dick) (9/25/11)

Dick and Clark are concerned about an injured Bruce.

Vengeance (10/14/11)

What happens when the Bat is out for vengeance?

Star-Spangled Sparkles!!! ;) (10/22/11)

Dick is sparkling all over the place more than usual. ;)

Shadow-Chased (11/12/11)

The Batcave shifts between Light and Dark.

Bubbling Stew And You (Two)? (Clark/Bruce/Dick) (12/29/11)

A saucy Robin is injured while on patrol with Batman and Superman.

Obsession And Possession (4/3/12)

Bruce can fight his demons no longer.

Balance (7/10/12)

Bruce reflects on Dick’s perfect sense of balance in all things.

Blood On The Snow (12/15/12)

When Robin is wounded while on patrol, he seeks refuge.

Snow Angels (12/26/12)

When they’re snowbound at the Manor, Dick persuades Bruce to take advantage of it.

Sleigh Bells Jingle (12/28/12)

Bruce and Dick have a secret to reveal on Christmas Eve to the family.

Desperate Love (Clark/Bruce/Dick) (4/12/13)

Robin is desperate to rescue his two lovers after an attack.

The Golden Cage (9/10/13)

The beautiful Little Bird sings his heart out for his sad, young Prince.

Cozy (3/19/14)

A cozy time by the fireplace for Bruce and Dick.

At Rest (3/29/14)

Is Dick a perpetual motion machine?

True Love’s Kiss (10/3/14)

Dick falls victim to a magic spell.

Chapter One: Love Spells

Chapter Two: True Love

The Raven And The Nightingale Series

The adventures of Bruce and Dick in Edwardian times.

The Raven And The Nightingale Book I: Jeweleled Nightingale (Bruce/Dick, Ollie/Dinah, Steve/Diana) (10/24/14 + 10/27/14)

In Edwardian Europe, young American millionaire Bruce Wayne becomes enamored of a beautiful and brilliant ballet dancer, Dick Grayson, who falls for his charming suitor, but Dick’s mysterious past threatens to tear them apart.


Chapters 1-4

Chapters 5-9

Chapters 10-14

Chapters 15-17

Chapters 18-20

Chapters 21-26

The Raven And The Nightingale II: The Gold Coast (6/9/15)

A series of daring robberies on Gotham City’s Gold Coast catches the attention of the Raven and the Nightingale.


Chapter One: Return Of The Prince

Chapter Two: The Manor

Chapter Three: The Blue Willow Plate

Chapter Four: Quiet

Chapter Five: French Pastry

Chapter Six: Visit To A Graveside

Chapter Seven: The Gold Coast

Chapter Eight: The Crown Jewels

Chapter Nine: Yellow Is Reversible

Chapter Ten: The Cream

Chapter Eleven: Silken Sultry

Chapter Twelve: Sparkling Silver Slippers With Green Rosettes

Chapter Thirteen: Warm Apple Pie With French Vanilla Ice Cream

Chapter Fourteen: A Thief In The Night

Chapter Fifteen: Brand-Spanking New

Chapter Sixteen: Of Pawnshops ‘N’ Parlors

Chapter Seventeen: The Greek Way

Chapter Eighteen: Rainy Interlude

Chapter Nineteen: Rainy Afternoon

Chapter Twenty: The Fall

Chapter Twenty-One: Waterfall

Chapter Twenty-Two: Amongst Dusty Tomes

Chapter Twenty-Three: Of Pubs ‘N’ Bistros

Chapter Twenty-Four: The Star Of Isis

Chapter Twenty-Five: Aftermath

Sepia Pearls (12/22/14)

Top model Dick Grayson catches the eye of successful photographer Bruce Wayne.

Bats In The Belfry (Jason, Bruce/Dick) (3/23/15)

Jason contemplates his family in his own unique way.

Baked & Stuffed ;) (4/17/17)

Dick knows how to use an elegant dinner to his advantage. ;)

"Beware Of Butlers Baking Apple Pies!!!" ;) (4/25/17)

You know the old saying, "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts!!!"? Well, in Bruce’s case, "Beware of Butlers baking apple pies!!!!" ;)

The New Frontier Series

The New Frontier V: From Camelot To Crazy (5/3/17)

When the world around you is going crazy, time to grab the ones you love and hold on tight.

Chapter One: The Taste Of Freedom

Chapter Two: The Sweet Smell Of Despair

That Special Something (Clark, Bruce/Dick) (5/18/17)

Clark knows the depth of the Dynamic Duo’s teamwork.

Feathers Upon The Sea (5/26/17)

Bruce glories in his control over Dick.

Renaissance Men (6/21/17)

Brando Venucci is a great artist/sculptor/jeweler in Renaissance Florence and is desperately in love with his beautiful model, Riccardo Graciano, the centerpiece of an ambitious artistic project which will make them forever famous.

Chapter One: Morning Light

Chapter Two: Celestial Spheres

Chapter Three: The Office Of The Night

Chapter Four: The Great Project

Chapter Five: Just A Name

Never Let It Be Forgot (10/6/17)

Dick is drafted into the Army during the Korean War, and he and Bruce must adjust to that hard fact of the Cold War.

Chapter One: Greetings

Chapter Two: Dissolving

Chapter Three: "We Regret To Inform You..."

Chapter Four: Homecoming

The Only Thing (12/10/17)

Bruce and Clark are proud of the young man taking over for them in the Justice League.

Garland Grayson ;) (2/18/18)

The tree isn't the only thing that gets decorated in the Wayne Household. ;)

Household. ;)

Just A Couple Of Misfits!!! ;) (12/22/18)

A nose that glows! ;)

Public And Private ;) (8/10/19)

Dick (strip)teases Bruce poolside at Wayne Manor. ;)

Bobbin' Robin ;) (4/3/20)

Dick persuades Bruce to enjoy a fine spring day. ;)

The Coming Of Autumn (10/6/20)

Autumn comes to Wayne Manor.

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