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We've Come A Long Way, Baby (Not!)

Anyone watch that dumpster fire last night called the presidential debate? Man, oh, man! Two doddering old fools vying for the White House. Biden was drifting around and the Cheeto-in-Chief showed what a ill-mannered clod he is, but people love that these days in our crude-and-rude culture. I didn't see all of it, popping in and out (after all it wasn't Nixon/Kennedy or even Carter/Reagan), but I saw enough.

Speaking of Nixon/ Kennedy, do yourself a favor and find the first 1960 debate on YouTube. You'll wonder what happened to us as a nation you watch two men respectfully debate each other, men who come across as mature, responsible adults (despite Nixon's make-up meltdown). They both served in World War II and had political experience.

Found it for you!


Full debate:

Cry for us!

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