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Week 1: New England Patriots 21, Miami Dolphins 11 (1-0) (Sunday, September 13, 2020)

Week 1: New England Patriots 21, Miami Dolphins 11 (1-0) (Sunday, September 13, 2020)

Well, you saw no preseason reports because there was no preseason! No joint practices, very little training camp.

AND...last March Tom Brady went to free agency and signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. *sigh* I'm still a Pats fan first and foremost (I've been rooting for this team since I was a kid, and that's not changing), but will keep an eye on Tom in Tampa Bay. And my football-related icons are all Tom. :)

The Pats looked pretty good with their new quarterback, Cam Newton, former Carolina Panther and NFL MVP. He can run, something Tom couldn't do, and so that's a cool weapon to have. Let's hope he continues with his good play, and the secondary grabbed 3 interceptions, so good start! And Cam scored his first TD as a Patriot by running it into the endzone himself! BTW, Tom did the same thing for his first score with his new team. :)

After that promising start, Tom and the Bucs' offense struggled. Two INTs, including a pick-6! *smh* Oh, well, it's Week 1. Teams that look like world-beaters end up a mess, and dumpster fires make the playoffs, maybe even a Super Bowl! And this year it's even tougher.

Pats and Bills win, Dolphins and Jets lose. On to Seattle! :)


NE 1-0

BUFF 1-0

Miami 0-1

NYJ 0-1

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