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Fic Tally (August 2020)

August saw me writing a story for the first time in a fandom celebrating an old show, Green Acres! :)

Marvel Comics stories were:

Natasha falls ill in The Sisterhood Of The Ruby Stilettos XXII: Canada Dry Ginger Ale And Saltine Crackers, and Pepper nurses her.

This story can also be read on AO3.

The Alienist stories were:

Mr. & Mrs. John Moore (aka Sara Howard Moore) IV: In The Soup follows John and Sara’s lunch meeting as war with Cuba looms.

This story can also be read on AO3.

Green Acres stories were:

Fitting In (Instantly!) :) features Lisa worrying about fitting into Hooterville.

This story can also be read on AO3.

Total number of all fics in August: 3

Total number of all fics in 2020: 27

August Word Count: 4,746

Total 2020 Word Count: 29,982

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Tags: black widow/pepper potts, fanfic, fic tally, fitting in (instantly!) :), green acres, mr. & mrs. john moore (aka sara howard m, natasha romanoff/pepper potts, the alienist, the sisterhood of the ruby stilettos, writing
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