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(Review) Stargirl 1x11

Stargirl 1x11

Gah! My TV has sound but no picture, so that killed my chance to catch up on Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. via On Demand is kaput. The screen is totally black and my online options aren't working out, either. No money for repairs or a new TV. *sigh* So here's the latest Stargirl:

Stargirl 1x11

The Shining Knight finds Pat, his old colleague from the Seven Soldiers of Victory. He's been working as the high school janitor for years because Brainwave messed up his mind (not said but strongly implied as he was captured by the ISA).

Starman is definitely not Courtney's father. He's a drifter named Sam Kurtis who abandoned his wife and child years ago and only returned to get the locket he'd given her years ago. He has a locket, too, and since they were made by a 'jeweler to the stars', he can sell them for some serious dough, though he pretends he'll use the money to buy a house so Courtney can visit him in California. She sees through his con but gives him the locket, anyway. She's resigned to his dickery.

Pat goes after Sam and tells him to stay away from Courtney and Sam says he's never returning, making a crude crack about Barbara so Pat decks him. Good for him! Pat comforts Courtney and shows he's a far better father to her than Sleazebag Sam. Still, he ought to pay attention to his own son, who is growing increasingly disaffected by feeling left out. If Mike only knew!

Brainwave speaks at his son's funeral at school and telepathically threatens Courtney, who runs home and tries to get the Cosmic Staff to work since it's dormant. Pat says she must believe in herself to get it to work again, and it does.

Barbara decides to stay in Blue Valley because the ISA is threatening everyone with their secret plot, which is upgraded by Brainwave after absorbing his son's powers. Six states? They'' control half the country!

Icicle is hesitant at first to allow Brainwave to kill Courtney and Pat since it would hurt Barbara, but since he found out she was researching him killing Starman, he tells Brainwave to go ahead and include Pat's son Mike so no legacy will be left behind. Cold, Icicle, cold!

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