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(Reviews) Stargirl 1x10; Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 7x9

Stargirl 1x10; Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 7x9

Stargirl 1x10

The episode opened with a cute flashback to Pat and Barbara's first meeting. Both were in the Blue Valley diner two years ago doing paperwork in separate booths. It was late and when the waitress asked if they wanted anything before the kitchen closed, they ordered a banana split at the same time. When the waitress says they have only one banana left, Pat gallantly offers to give the split to Barbara, who has an idea: they share the banana split.

Now in the present, Barbara is furious about the whole superhero gig.

Henry, Junior, learns that Icicle killed his mother, and his father has no memory of the last ten years, so he doesn't remember who killed her.

Since Courtney can't go out, the Cosmic Staff confronts Icicle (who is visiting Henry in the hospital) and is literally frozen! Henry sees the whole thing. He tells Courtney, who receives his thoughts when he touches her and realizes that Henry's mother was her aunt (Starman's sister), so they're cousins.

Barbara is taking Courtney away from Blue Valley She tells her friends and they go in search of her Staff, disliking Henry's presence but watching Courtney's back. They go into the tunnels and discover Henry's father hooked up to some machine, and Rick discovers Solomon Grundy in a cell, wanting to break him out and fight him because he killed Rick's parents, but no time!

A fight with Dragon King's minions follows and Henry learns his father has his memories back. The team runs and Henry stays to confront Brainwave. Brainwave admits that Icicle didn't kill Henry's mother; he did, and he brings the tunnel ceiling down on his son while the team frantically tries to get to him, but the bars dividing the tunnel hold.

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 7x8

The Zephry is trapped in a time storm. Actually, a time loop! Skye and Coulson are the only ones remembering the loop, probably because they're in sci-fi tubes to start each loop.

The time drive has to be fixed, and Jemma knows how if they remove the implant. Unfortunately, someone is sabotaging the removal by killing Jemma (and Skye the second time around). Coulson is acting suspicious. Is he the killer?

Enoch's the killer! He was programmed by Fitzsimmons to protect the implant at all costs! There are several attempts to thwart Enoch, whose superior strength wins every time. During the course of the loop, Daniel admits he likes Skye and she kisses him. Bet she reminds him of Peggy.

When the implant is successfully out, Jemma tells them that Enoch's heart is the key to fixing the time drive, but he'll die. When Enoch finds out, he gives her his heart and makes the ultimate sacrifice. Skye and Coulson stay with him as he dies. Very touching scene.

The time drive is fixed and the team is saved due to Enoch's sacrifice. What next?
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