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(Reviews) Stargirl 1x9; Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 7x8

Stargirl 1x9; Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 7x8

Stargirl 1x9

Henry, Junior learns how his father got his Brainwave powers: self-experimentation. He is hearing other people's thoughts and learning how two-faced everyone is.

Courtney wants to recruit Henry, believing he has good in him, but Yolanda flatly refuses to be on a team with him after he sent semi-nude pix of her around the school. Courtney does try to recruit him but he rejects her invitation to join the JSA. Later, Yolanda warns him to stay away from Courtney and the team.

The ISA plans to use Henry's newly-developing powers 'to create a new America'. Icicle is not so sure it's a good plan, though he keeps that to himself. Barbara invites his family to dinner, and Courtney figures out he's Icicle after he touches a scalding-hot dish without reaction. She wonders if his son Cameron is evil, too.

Beth discovers that a 19th-century separatist movement carved out tunnels underneath Blue Valley, and she figures the ISA is using them. Which they are, and the Dragon King has shut the rebellious Cindy into a cell. She threatens to kill him but the Dragon King is not even ruffled.

Barbara catches Courtney and Pat with the Cosmic Staff. Trouble ahead!

Henry's father wakes up after the kid kills the family attorney.

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 7x8

The Zephyr's time drive is damaged. Increasingly-short jumps will eventually result in disintegration!

Yo-Yo could save them, but she needs her powers back. Since it's 1983, she and May head to the Inhuman sanctuary headed by Skye's mother, Jiaying. They convince Jiaying to help them and she diagnoses that there is no physical reason Yo-Yo is prevented from using her powers, it's mental. May is supposed to help her deal with her emotions (ha, ha), and a unique session of sparring draws out Yo-Yo's emotions and she learns that she needn't hold back anymore, and saves the ship.

The women see a girl named Cora trying to escape the sanctuary and Cora eludes her guards later on, ready to kill herself, when Nathaniel Malick shows up and convinces her to come with him and be free and indulge her chaotic power. They plot anarchy!

Coulson is brought back but seems moody, and Daniel gets a new prosthetic leg, courtesy of Jemma.

Meanwhile, the time drive goes wacky again. Tune in next week! :)

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