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Fic: The General And The Jedi IX: With Jewels And Love (3/4)

Title: The General And The Jedi IX: With Jewels And Love (3/4)
Author: BradyGirl_12
Characters/Pairings (this chapter): Han/Luke, Leia Organa, See-Threepio, Chewbacca, Artoo-Detoo, Lando Calrissian, Mikal/Selena, Jan Solon
Continuity: Star Wars (The Original Trilogy)
Series Notes: This particular series will follow Han and Luke's married life as they help Leia establish the New Republic. The entire series can be found here.
Genres: Drama, Romance, Slice-Of-Life
Rating (this chapter): G
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
General Summary: It’s Han and Luke’s wedding! :)
Chapter Summary: Time for the vows! :)
Date Of Completion: March 17, 2020
Date Of Posting: July 10, 2020
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, Disney does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 966
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author's Notes: Ironically, the background for Han in Solo was what I’d usually envisioned for him: hardscrabble and on his own, but then this alternative background took hold of me before I saw the movie and the idea simmered for years. I like the contrasts between our rogue smuggler and the family he grew up with. :)
For any who think the use of ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ is jarring, I thought ‘Mother’ and ‘Father’ too formal for Han, and ‘Ma’ and ‘Pa’ is more Clark Kent-ish, ha, ha, so I went with ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’. ;)
On Corellia, ‘keep’ and ‘castle’ are used interchangeably.



I pledge thee,
My eternal troth,
With jewels
And love.

Old Corellian Wedding Vow
Old Corellian Era
(Pre-Old Republic Era)

Breakfast campfires were lit as the camps came awake. People chattered cheerfully while consuming fresh food cooked in firepots. The day promised to be cool and crisp, perfect Leaftide weather. There was not a rain cloud in sight.

Inside the castle, Luke and Han were dressing in bright Clan colors, and Luke took out the necklace that Jan had given him. It sparkled in the sunlight streaming in through the window: a five-pointed star of blue and yellow, edged with red and green. The inlaid jewels were breathtakingly beautiful.

Han was also putting on a similar necklace, adding a bracelet and checking his appearance in the full-length pier mirror. He combed his unruly hair and was pleased at the blond highlights bleached in by his stay at the cottage.

“You’re sizzling hot, Solo.” He winked at his reflection. “Lucky Luke.”

The wedding outfit was a swath of multicolored material with long, flowing sleeves, the tunic complementing the tight breeches and soft suede boots. He took a make-up wand and added a very light touch of golden glitter to his eyelids and eyelashes. He felt a little silly, but it was tradition. And he liked how he looked.

In his chambers, Luke added the same make-up. He was unsure about it but Jan had assured him that it was tradition. Who was he to go against tradition, he thought wryly.

A knock on the door caught his attention. “Come in.”

Leia entered. She was wearing a pale green gown in traditional Alderaanian fashion and a crystal necklace. A wreath of flowers was tucked into her upswept hair.

“You look beautiful,” Luke said.

“So do you.”

Luke blushed. “Thanks.” He fiddled with his sash.

“Here, let me do that.” Leia tied the sash expertly.



He smiled sheepishly. “A little.”

“Not surprising. However, for a man who has faced the threats you have, this will be a piece of pie.”

Luke laughed a little. “I guess you’re right.”

Leia took hold of her brother’s hands. “You’re doing the right thing.”

“I know.”

Leia squeezed his hands and let go. “As Honor Maiden I’ll be coming to get you when it’s time.”

“All right.”

“In the meantime, you need to brush up on Corellian wedding customs.”

“But I…”

Leia opened the door. “All right, Threepio, he’s ready.”

The gold droid came in. “Thank you, Your Highness. Now, Master Luke, first you must…”

Leia grinned as she left the chamber.

& & & & & &

Clan Solon gathered in the grove. It was a tight fit, but they managed. For those who simply could not squeeze in, there were vidscreens set up to give them a front-row view.

Musicians from the clan started a light melody, entertaining the guests. Chewbacca stood near the altar as Artoo-Detoo beeped and See-Threepio beamed. As the musicians started the wedding march, rose petals were strewn by a pair of flower girls, followed by two boy bracelet bearers. Leia escorted Luke down the aisle while Lando escorted Han. Chewbacca growled in approval.

Luke felt a little overwhelmed. So many Solons! But Leia’s hand on his arm steadied him, and of course Han was right behind him. He smiled at Mikal and Selena as they waved.

Jan appeared on the altar, her gown colorful and flowing. She wore a heavy gold necklace inlaid with precious gems, several bracelets and a silver sash. A simple silver tiara glittered in her blonde hair, which was worn loose and flowing. She greeted the wedding party and they took their places.

The music changed to a distinctive tune that heralded the appearance of the High Priestess on the altar. Lyra was dressed in similar fashion to Jan, with a heavy necklace, bracelets and a pair of long, dangly earrings. Her sash was gold and her tiara was also gold and more elaborate than Jan’s. When the music stopped, Lyra looked out at the guests. She and Jan wore glittery eyeshadow, hers gold and Jan’s silver.

“Greetings, my family and friends. We gather here in the sight of Gaia, the Goddess of All, to celebrate the union of Han Solon to Luke Skywalker. Let us begin.”

Jan gently swung a gold censer with aromatic Covian incense, the scent mixing with the natural blooms in the grove. A light breeze ruffled hair and swirled skirts as Lyra began her recitation. Jan lit candles on the altar.

A set of bells were rung by Leia and Lando at the proper times. Jan provided whatever Lyra needed: a candle, a sistrum and a goblet.

Rolf stepped up and fastened ornate bracelets to each man’s wrist, locking them together with a gold chain. Leia placed gold laurel wreaths on each man’s head, in accordance with Alderaanian custom. Following another Alderaanian custom, Han and Luke touched foreheads, then pulled back to begin their vows.

“I love you, Han, with all my heart. I vow to cherish, honor and respect you, now and forever.” Luke’s eyes shone with excitement as his heart beat fast. It was finally happening! “I pledge thee my eternal troth, with jewels and love.”

Han’s mouth quirked into his trademark smile. He repeated the vows to Luke, lightly squeezing his hands and adding. “You’re special to me, Luke, and I’m all in.”

Luke grinned at the ad-lib. “Same here, Han.”

Lyra was trying not to laugh. “Seal the deal, gentlemen.”

Han laughed and swept Luke up into a joyful embrace. They kissed and the guests burst into applause. The musicians began to play and Han and Luke raised their bonded hands in triumph. Chewbacca roared his approval and everyone laughed.

“C’mon, kid, let’s party,” Han said.


They led the wedding party out of the grove to the sounds of laughter and music.

This chapter can also be read on AO3.
Tags: artoo-detoo, chewbacca, han solo/luke skywalker, lando calrissian, leia organa, see-threepio, the general and the jedi
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