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Fic: The General And The Jedi IX: With Jewels And Love (2/4)

Title: The General And The Jedi IX: With Jewels And Love (2/4)
Author: BradyGirl_12
Characters/Pairings (this chapter): Han/Luke, Leia Organa, Jan Solon
Continuity: Star Wars (The Original Trilogy)
Series Notes: This particular series will follow Han and Luke's married life as they help Leia establish the New Republic. The entire series can be found here.
Genres: Drama, Romance, Slice-Of-Life
Rating (this chapter): G
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
General Summary: It’s Han and Luke’s wedding! :)
Chapter Summary: Waking up to a new day…and a new life.
Date Of Completion: March 15, 2020
Date Of Posting: July 3, 2020
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, Disney does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1128
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author's Notes: Ironically, the background for Han in Solo was what I’d usually envisioned for him: hardscrabble and on his own, but then this alternative background took hold of me before I saw the movie and the idea simmered for years. I like the contrasts between our rogue smuggler and the family he grew up with. :)
For any who think the use of ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ is jarring, I thought ‘Mother’ and ‘Father’ too formal for Han, and ‘Ma’ and ‘Pa’ is more Clark Kent-ish, ha, ha, so I went with ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’. ;)
On Corellia, ‘keep’ and ‘castle’ are used interchangeably.



In the early morn,
A new day
Is born.

Life can be
What you want,
Happy and free.

Sapphire Starshine
"Rose Petals
And Other Poems"

2459 O.R.E.
(Old Republic Era)

Dawn broke peacefully with streaks of rose, lemon and tangerine across the sky. Birds sang sweetly and small animals chattered as the world began to wake up, but slowly and quietly.

Han came half-awake, stretching his arms but curling up again. He could snatch a few more minutes of sleep. He did not feel nervous. He was confident the ceremony would go well. With his mother and sister in charge, and Leia thrown in for good measure, success was a certainty. All he had to do was show up and say his lines. He smiled and rolled over.

& & & & & &

Luke awoke, blinking as his mind came to order. It was his wedding day! Butterflies skittered in his stomach.

He stared up at the ceiling. Faint bars of sunlight dappled the stone. Everything would be fine. Han’s mother and sister had everything under control, not to mention his own sister. Threepio would provide any protocol information needed.

He could hear birdsong and had a sudden urge to go outside. He rolled out of bed, showered and dressed. He wore a simple sand-colored tunic and pants, pulling on a pair of sturdy boots. No one was stirring yet in the castle and he was able to slip out undetected.

The nearby camps were quiet. Luke stuck to the gardens, letting the beauty of the surroundings relax him. A hummingbird flitted from red flower to red flower as its wings beat at a furious pace. Colorful leaves blew around as a gentle breeze drifted through the gardens.

Luke was drawn to a marble fountain. A cherubic marble water bearer smiled and offered an urn that spilled sparkling water. It still amazed him how free the people of other planets were with precious water. He cupped his hands and drank its coolness.

“Tastes good, doesn’t it?”

Luke turned, startled. He saw a smiling Leia standing a few feet away.

“Delicious. I’ll always appreciate water.”

“No doubt.” She walked toward him, dressed casually in tights and a long-sleeved tunic. “How are you doing?”

“To be honest, a little frazzled.”

Her smile widened. “Like every groom said ever.”

Luke laughed. “Guilty as charged.” He tilted his head. “Why are you out as the sun comes up, sister dear?”

“Just couldn’t sleep anymore once I woke up.”

“Same here.”

“I suppose your future husband is snoring away.”

Luke laughed again. “Probably. We observed Corellian tradition and slept apart last night.” Affection shone in his eyes. “Han doesn’t rattle easily.”

“He is a confident guy.” Leia’s eyes danced with mischief. “But just before the ceremony, I think we might see some jitters.”

“Could be, could be.”

Leia took hold of Luke’s hand. “Today will be just fine. In fact, you’ll like it much better than the official wedding on Coruscant.”

Luke grimaced. “I’m with Han on that one. Not looking forward to it.”

“Well, you won’t have to, not for awhile, anyway. You’ll have time to adjust to married life without public interference.” She squeezed her brother’s hand.

“Thanks, Leia.”

“Always, brother dear.” She let go of Luke’s hand. “Now, you want some breakfast or will you keep meditating?”

Luke’s stomach rumbled. “Breakfast.”

Leia giggled. “All right.”

& & & & & &

The household began to awaken. Luke found out that his breakfast would be served to him in his chambers. He and Han were not to see each other before the ceremony.

“Tradition or superstition?” Luke asked Jan as she brought him breakfast on a tray.

"A little of both,” she said with a smile. Her blond hair was loose this morning.

“Well, then, thanks for the breakfast.”

“How are you feeling?” Jan asked.

“A little nervous.”

She clapped him on the shoulder. “You’ll do great. Despite Han’s grumbling about public ceremonies, he’s a natural.”

“Ah, yes. When we got our medals for the Battle of Yavin IV, he was a little sheepish but carried it off like a pro.”

“Always knew he had it in him.”

“Being a hero or carrying off the ceremony?”


Luke grinned. He ate a sunshine melon slice and said, “That’s Han.”

“My brother is one-of-a-kind, all right.” Jan smiled.

“Would you like something?” Luke asked, indicating the tray of food.

“Thanks, but I already ate. Once I bring Han his tray, I have to meditate.”

“In preparation for the ceremony?”

“Exactly. Mom presides but I’m there to help.”

“Someday you’ll be High Priestess?”


“That must be a tough job.”

“It has its perks.”

Luke drank some redberry juice and put the glass down on the tray. “Perks, huh?”

“Yes, but that’s a family secret.”

“I’m going to be family.”

“Female family secret.”


Jan grinned. “See you later, Bridegroom.” She left.

Luke concentrated on his breakfast, glad that it was all fruit. His butterfly-inhabited stomach appreciated it.

& & & & & &

Jan got another tray from the kitchen and knocked on Han’s door. When she received no answer, she went in.

She smiled knowingly as she saw Han fast asleep. Putting down the tray on the desk, she went over to the bed.

“C’mon, brother dear, time to get up. It’s your wedding day.”

Han was still sound asleep. He looked eminently peaceful.

Jan regarded him with affection. “It’s just like you, Brother, to have events swirling around you while you sleep the sleep of the just.” She poked his shoulder. “Get up!”

Han moved, trying to burrow further under the covers. Jan poked him again. He put a pillow over his head. Jan snatched it off and whacked him on the rear end.


“Get up, Sleeping Beautiful.”


“Breakfast, shower, get dressed, then get married.”

Han looked up at her blearily. “Thanks, sister dear.”

Jan smiled. “Good and you’re welcome. I’m going to meditate and then help Mom with the preparations.”

Han sat up. “Is this really happening, Sis?”

She patted his shoulder. “Yes. Now get going. This is the best thing you’ll ever do.”

“Yeah?” asked Han in amusement.


Han smiled. “I knew it the moment I first saw him.”


“Deep down. Oh, I wasn’t planning the wedding ceremony, but I knew without knowing. Y’know?”

Jan threw the pillow at him. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you had a bachelor party last night.” She headed for the door and turned back. “And I know.”

Han smirked. He lay back against the pillows. The day was finally here. He listened to a redbird singing outside his window.

All the craziness of our lives together comes down to this. Well, kid, it’s you and me. Forever.

He rolled out of bed and stumbled into the bath chamber.
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This chapter can also be read on AO3.
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