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Fic: Beautiful Young Man (3/4)

Title: Beautiful Young Man (3/4)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters: Clark/Dick/Bruce
Genre: Drama
Rating: (this chapter): NC-17
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
General Summary: The World’s Finest fit together…in everything.
Summary: Here’s your Bruce/Dick/Clark sandwich, Silver! ;)
Date Of Completion: December 4, 2007
Date Of Posting: December 17, 2007
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 811
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Note: silvertales requested "How about schmoopy Clark/Bruce watching/waiting/lusting to introduce Dick to the wonders of smex, and both of them torturing him with pleasure. :) A Bruce-Dick-Clark sandwich. :)" from my DCU GSB Fic Request Meme. All chapters can be found here.
Sorry this took so long, Silver, but for some reason, my Muses were quite stubborn about this! But here it is. I hope it was worth the wait! :) 





Dick began to shake.  His dreams were coming true.  Bruce and Clark didn’t think he was perverted or silly or some kid.  They wanted him, as an equal, not just on the streets but in bed.


And the bed was king-sized, shimmering in black silk, the room smelling of cedar and a faint scent of his favorite cologne.  A gorgeous view of the ocean was seen through the windows, moonlight shining down on the water.


Bruce began to kiss him, rubbing his shoulders while Clark stroked his back, lightly skimming over his buttocks, a tingle running through his body.


With great care, Bruce and Clark began to undress him, Bruce pulling his sweater up over his head, Clark reaching around to unsnap his jeans, pulling them down.  Dick kicked off his shoes and stepped out of the pants, shivering as Bruce kissed the hollow of his throat and blew gently on his nipples.


Clark’s hands kneaded and squeezed his buttocks, Dick’s legs trembling with the excitement of it all.  He still couldn’t quite believe it as Bruce began sucking on his right nipple and Clark started kissing the nape of his neck.  Both men pressed close, creating a SuperBat sandwich with Robin filling.


Dick was suddenly lifted up by super-strong arms and deposited gently on the bed.  Before he could catch his breath, two very naked men were on top of him.


Bruce turned him on his side, kissing his face and chest as Clark kissed his shoulderblades and down his spine.  He shivered as hot breath simultaneously blew on his groin and buttocks.  Bruce’s cock touched his while Clark’s penis nudged his ass.


Dick moaned, his hands grabbing Bruce’s hips as he pushed back against Clark, whose own hands now had a firm grip on his hips.  Bruce’s hands caressed Dick’s shoulders and chest, then he cupped Dick’s head and applied another soul-rending kiss on willing lips,  Bruce’s tongue slipping in his mouth while Clark’s finger began teasing between his buttocks.


As Bruce broke the kiss, his fingers curled in Dick’s hair, pulling his head back and exposing his throat.  A wet tongue lapped at his throat as Bruce’s hands stroked his cock, Clark’s hands caressing his hips and ass, lips nuzzling his shoulder.  Dick pushed back again, wanting those fingers touching him in deep, dark places.


“Mmm, so beautiful,” Bruce murmured, his lips slipping over Dick’s clavicle and across his chest. “The most graceful man I’ve ever seen.  Beautiful and delicious…” Bruce’s hand was kneading Dick’s balls, Dick moaning and moving his legs.


Clark grasped his legs, his cock hard against Dick’s ass.  His breathing was harsh, excitement throbbing through his body and communicating to Dick.


Bruce reached around and grabbed a jar of cream off the nightstand, handing it to Clark, who quickly coated himself, then pushed a finger inside Dick, who gasped and grabbed at Bruce’s thighs.  Clark blew gently into Dick’s ear, the younger man shivering as Bruce’s fingers were working magic on his balls.


Clark inserted a second finger, stretching Dick gently.  He breathed in Dick’s ear, “Are you okay with this?”


Dick nearly laughed. “Yes!” he managed to get out.


Clark’s fingers left him, Dick feeling bereft, but then he gasped again as Clark’s cock began to enter him.


“Tell me if you want me to stop,” Clark whispered, rubbing Dick’s shoulders.




“I don’t want to hurt you.”


“You never could…”


Dick’s words were cut off as Bruce’s mouth covered his, tongue slipping inside.  His cock was reacting to Bruce’s hand, and a cry was muffled by Bruce’s tongue as Clark slipped further inside him.


Pleasure blossomed deep within him, the heat of Clark’s cock filling him as deeply as Bruce’s tongue.  He was pinioned between the two men he loved most in the world, filled and loved.


Clark started a rhythm, in and out, while Bruce’s mouth explored every inch of Dick’s, both thrusting, hard and soft, demanding and gentle, back-and-forth.  Dick was drowning in sensation, his world narrowed down to being taken, his own desire glowing white-hot as suddenly, Clark hit the perfect spot, pleasure exploding in Dick just as his cock fountained over Bruce’s hand, his own cry muffled by Bruce’s tongue.


His body felt limp as Clark and Bruce slid out of him, his thighs sticky from his own cum and Clark’s, Bruce’s softening organ proof that his seed was mingled with his own.


Bruce swept stray locks of hair back from Dick’s eyes.  He smiled and gently kissed Dick on the lips while Clark nuzzled his neck.


A smile bright as the sun curved Dick’s mouth as Bruce pulled back, cleaning them up with easy strokes, then he and Clark put their arms around him, their legs entwining, and Dick’s eyes began to close…


He felt claimed…










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