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(Reviews) Batwoman 1x20; Supergirl 5x19; Stargirl 1x1; Legends Of Tomorrow 5x13

Batwoman 1x20; Supergirl 5x19; Stargirl 1x1; Legends Of Tomorrow 5x13

Batwoman 1x20

Alice seeks the Kryptonite while Mouse threatens to leave her. She promises a big party on their way out of town. Watch out, Mouse!

A steroided Arkham escapee, Titan, defeats Batwoman in hand-to-hand, who cuts a deal with Jacob to capture him.

Alice burns the Alice In Wonderland book and poisons Mouse. She needs to exact revenge, and Mouse couldn't understand. Good scene with Alice crying over Mouse.

Batwoman and Jacob set a trap for Titan. The Crows kill him and try to do the same to Batwoman. Kate is devastated by Jacob's betrayal.

Luke shows that Kate and Mary that he destroyed the Kryptonite that Lucius had, prompting Kate to reveal another shard give to her 'by a friend', and she refuses to destroy it. She made a promise to this friend to use it if necessary, just like Bruce did to his friend. Problem is, the Green K can be weaponized to penetrate the Batsuit.

Alice gives Tommy Elliot a new face: Bruce Wayne!

Supergirl 5x19

Lex is welcome into Leviathan while Lena volunteers to make an anti-K suit for Supergirl. Since Rama Khan can sense when she uses her powers, Kara has to stay in her secret identity. Lena brings her to LutherCorp to make the suit. Meanwhile, Alex has a cool ew costume courtesy of J'onn, and she and the Martians plus Dreamer create a distraction to lure out the Immortals.

Brainiac has a deadly plan in mind: enter the Leviathan ship without protection against its radiation to download the code for shrinking objects and people, to be put to use against the Immortals.

Kara finally chews out Lena: Kara admits to making the mistake of waiting too long to tell her, but she did it to protect her friend, who promptly hurt her in every way possible. About time, Kara!</i>

Cute Chocos reference by M'gann. :)

Kara goes off to save William, who's been kidnapped by Eve Tessmacher. Busy Super that she is, next she goes into Obsidian's VR Festival to persuade people to log off, as Leviathan will kill them all inside the simulation. Lena defends a vulnerable Supergirl from Andrea, who has been activated by Leviathan to kill Supergirl. Lena persuades her not to do it.

Brainiac succeeds in shrinking the Immortals but Lex guessed his plan and takes the bottle with the trapped Immortals and leaves a dying Brainy. Dreamer realizes something is wrong with Brainy.

Lex hands over the bottle to his mother, Lillian, who is ready for it.

Stargirl 1x1

I decided to give Stargirl
a chance and I'm glad I did! Quirky, fun, irreverent, it's worth a viewing! :)

Starman dies in an attack on the Justice Society of America that wipes them out. Pat, his sidekick Stripesy, is the only survivor.

Ten years later, Courtney Whitmore's family is moving from Los Angeles to Blue Valley, Nebraska. Her mother has just married Pat and she has a new job in Blue Valley.

The Cosmic Staff chooses Courtney! Pat tells her the story of Starman and the JSA. He doesn't think her father is Starman. Starman, formerly the Star-Spangled Kid, was his employer and friend.

Courtney goes out with the Staff, battles some bullies at a drive-in, and attracts a villain from ten years ago. Pat shows up in a huge robot machine!

Legends Of Tomorrow 5x13

Charlie's Sisters and Astra steal the Waverider. Gary's on board! He can 'see' Gideon (figment of his imagination) and she tells him to steal the rings.

Meanwhile, the Legends steal a bus to get to a Time Bureau safe house Rip Hunter had set up in London but zombies attack! The Legends are captured by soldiers except for John and Zari, who have zombie troubles of their own. The Legends escape and they all join together again and find the safe house, but the device to get them back aboard ship needs charging, and the zombies are gathering!

John and Zari fight and end up kissing!

Things look dark for the Legends: Sara foresaw her death and quietly tried to push Ava into leadership. All the Legends are doomed by the zombies as Charlie escapes to the ship and discovers Astra and Gary dead and her Sisters waiting for her. Yikes!

Tags: alex danvers, alice-in-wonderland, andrea rojas, astra logue, barbara whitmore, batwoman, beth kane, brainiac, charlie, courtney whitmore, dreamer, eve tessmacher, gary green, gideon, j'onn j'onzz, jacob kane, john constantine, johnny (mouse) cartwright, kara danvers, kate kane, legends of tomorrow, lena luthor, lex luthor, luke fox, m'gann, m'gann m'orzz, mary hamilton, nia nal, par dugan, pat dugan, review, rip hunter, sara lance/ava sharpe, stargirl, stripesy/s.t.r.i.p.e., supergirl, the martian manhunter, tv, white canary/ava sharpe, william dey, zari tomaz
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