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Fic: Heartland II: Apple Pie, Pumpkins, Popcorn, And The Bluebird Of Happiness (1/4)

Title: Heartland II: Apple Pie, Pumpkins, Popcorn, And The Bluebird Of Happiness (1/4)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters: Clark/Bruce, Dick, Jonathan/Martha
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
General Summary: After recently being outed by the press, Clark and Bruce visit Smallville with Dick.
Summary: Clark, Bruce and Dick receive a warm welcome at the Kent farm. Apple pie is served fresh from Martha’s oven. ;)
Date Of Completion: December 14, 2007
Date Of Posting: December 16, 2007
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1558
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: Written for the World’s Finest Gift Exchange. When I saw Prompt F41 (Clark and Bruce’s first visit to Smallville as an open couple (your choice whether Clark’s parents know about the relationship already). Bonus points for including a range of reactions from the inhabitants of Smallville, not just happy ones. Rating: Any.), I knew that it would fit in perfectly with this series. This is a prequel to Heartland I: "Truth, Justice, And The…", and you need not have read the first story to enjoy this one, as this story was written especially for the WFGE. As this prequel takes place several years before the events of Heartland I, Dick is around 11 years old in this story.
I hope this is what the requester was looking for. I enjoyed writing it! :) 
All chapters can be found here.





Clark smiled at Bruce as the billionaire turned the Porsche into the Kent driveway, the farmhouse quickly coming into view. 


Bruce smiled back but his stomach was fluttering.  Sure, Martha and Jonathan knew about them being lovers, but this was their first visit since coming to drop that little revelation in their laps.  He wondered if awkwardness would be the order of the day.  There was also the little matter of having been outed a week ago by the press.


“Hey, Clark, can I help you with the milking?”


Clark laughed as an eager Dick leaned over the front seat.


“Sure.  You did a great job last time.”


Bruce smiled again.  With Dick along, maybe those awkward moments would not be so frequent after all.


Dick nearly bounced in the back seat.  He loved coming to the Kent farm and Jonathan and Martha loved having him accompany Clark and Bruce.  Their visits had always been fun, but Bruce was still worried.  Those visits had been as friends, not as lover and adopted son, because even though they hadn’t made it legal yet, Dick was as much Clark’s child as his.


Bruce parked and cut the engine, Dick already out of the car before he and Clark could blink.


“That boy has superspeed, I swear,” Bruce grumbled.


Clark laughed and ran his finger down the nape of Bruce’s neck. “He’s just got a lot of energy.” Clark’s voice softened. “Don’t worry, Bruce.  Mom and Dad are happy to have us here.”


Bruce looked at Clark and felt some reassurance. “Of course.” He patted Clark’s knee and exited the car.


“C’mon, Bruce!  Clark!  Hurry up!”


Dick’s impatience drew chuckles from his guardians, and he was already heading around the house with his suitcase.  The front door was for company.  The back door was for family.


Clark and Bruce followed at a more leisurely pace, and Martha was already at the back door greeting Dick joyfully.  He hugged her and she smoothed his hair, then said, “Jonathan’s in the barn.”


“Yay!” Dick dashed off and Bruce shook his head. “Sorry, Mrs…Martha.  Dick’s a bundle of energy.”


Martha’s smile seemed genuine to him. “Of course.  For goodness sakes, you should have seen Clark around here when he was a boy!  A blur of motion!”


“I’ll bet,” Bruce smirked as he picked up Dick’s suitcase in addition to his own.


In the sunny Kent kitchen, the heavenly smell of apple pie baking filled the room.  Bruce’s mouth watered.


“You can just set Dick’s suitcase in the room next to Clark’s.” Martha opened the oven door. “Hmm, needs more time.” She closed the door and said, “If you boys would like some pie, it’ll be ready in about a half hour.  The baking will be done in about five minutes but it needs to cool off a little first before you eat.”


“That sounds great, Mom.”


Clark started up the stairs and Bruce followed.  He stopped at the threshold to Clark’s room.


“So, we get to share?”


“That’s right, Bruce.” Clark smiled. “Now that Mom and Dad know, no reason to sleep in separate bedrooms.”


Bruce went inside and deposited his suitcase on the bed. “Glad to see the bed’s big.” He leered.


Clark laughed. “Come on, let’s unpack and then get downstairs.  I want to be right there when that pie is ready to eat!”


Bruce shook his head.  His lover was a foodie, no doubt about it. 


& & & & & &


The smell of the freshly-baked pie was heaven as Bruce and Clark entered the kitchen of the farmhouse.  The kitchen door opened and a laughing Dick and Jonathan entered, cheeks flushed with autumn cold.


“Mmm, boy, does that pie smell good!” Dick nearly bounced with the joy of it as his eyes sparkled.  Martha laughed. “Wash your hands, boys, and come sit yourselves at the table.  Bruce, Clark, would you set the table, please?”


It was quick work to do so: plates, silverware, glasses, napkins.  Clark sat in his usual place and indicated to Bruce that he should sit to his right.  Bruce just hoped he wasn’t taking Jonathan’s place or anything awkward. 


Clark’s parents had been accepting of their relationship, though Bruce still worried that they were just doing so for Clark’s sake and figured he would hurt their son down the line.


Which, when he thought about it, was probably the likely scenario.  He was awful at relationships, the only successful ones he’d ever had with Alfred and Dick, and those were not in the romantic sense.  The women he had courted and dallied with (Vicki, Silver, Selina) had all known that it was for fun and not commitment.  Love had never entered the picture, though he had been fortunate that affection had been part of the package.


But, as Clark and Dick always teased him, sometimes he thought too much.


He gratefully accepted a slice of pie from Martha, drinking apple cider to go with it.  Dick showered effusive but sincere praise on Martha’s baking skills, and the smiles on the Kents’ faces showed that they were smitten with their first grandchild.


Because, that’s what Dick was now: their grandchild.


Bruce just hoped that they were happy with their son-in-law.


“Bruce, dear, would you like more cider?” Martha asked.


Bruce blinked, aware that he had been caught deep in thought.  He managed a smile and said, “Yes, thank you, Martha.”


Bruce began to relax in the cozy comfort of the Kent kitchen, admiring the color scheme of yellow-white-and-blue, the blue willow plates displayed on a shelf on the wall, and a houseplant green and bountiful in the corner by the window.


Martha smiled at him, and Bruce felt very happy.


& & & & & &


Dinner was meat loaf, carrots, potatoes, and broccoli, and more pie for dessert.  The conversation was lively, super-exploits a topic since everyone at the table was ‘in the know’.  All three kept the danger quotient down, not wanting to worry the Kents, but Jonathan and Martha were not fooled.  They kept quiet, however, because their boys were not going to give up the caped life and they knew it.


After dinner and the clean-up, they retired to the living room, the TV kept on low in the background as they talked, waiting for Jeopardy! to start.  The channel was running Entertainment Tonight, and as the conversation paused, Mary Hart said, “And the most recent shots of billionaire Bruce Wayne and his latest boy toy, Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent, were taken this morning in Gotham City as they exited the Wayne Enterprises Building…”


Bruce wished there was a hole for him to jump into and disappear.  He and Dick were accustomed to being targets of the paparazzi, but splashing his relationship with Clark all over the TV screen, and calling him a boy toy…!


Clark’s hand covered his and squeezed.


“Wow, Bruce, you were right!  The vultures were out this morning!” Dick commented as the camera followed a scowling Bruce and a slightly-flustered Clark from the entrance to Bruce’s limousine.  Shouts of “Mr. Wayne!  How long have you and Clark Kent been dating?” and “Are you going to get married?” and other intrusive questions could be heard clear as a bell.


As the program moved on to the next story, Martha cleared her throat and said, “Hmm, well.” The ticking clock on the mantel sounded very loud in the silence. “Seems as if our boy will have to get used to the less-savory side of his profession.”


Clark grinned. “I think you’re right, Mom.” He put his arm around Dick, who was seated on the couch next to him and blazed his happiness with a smile. “But I think it’s worth it.”


Even Bruce had to smile, and Jonathan and Martha nodded as the familiar theme song of Jeopardy! began to play.


& & & & & &


The house was quiet as Clark and Bruce walked upstairs to Clark’s room.  Martha, Jonathan, and Dick were already in their respective bedrooms and fast asleep.  The quiet unnerved Bruce a little.  He was accustomed to quiet at the Manor, but there was always the sound of the ocean as background.  Here it was almost complete silence except for the occasional cricket or owl.


He doubted that he and Clark could get too enthusiastic, either, because the whole house would be able to hear.


Clark began undressing, smiling shyly at Bruce.  It never ceased to amaze Bruce that his lover could still be shy about anything! 


“You brought your fancy silk pajamas?”


“Of course,” Bruce huffed. “I don’t intend to pad the halls in the nude, you know.”


Clark winked and laughed, disrobing down to his boxer shorts and pulling on sensible, cotton pajamas.  Bruce slipped on dark-blue silk pajamas and they took turns in the bathroom, finally settling into bed as moonlight shone through the window.


Bruce suddenly felt very relaxed and a little tired.  Maybe it was all the good food and lack of pressure about patrol?  Dick was safe in the next room and Clark was right here with him.  Whatever the case, he snuggled up to Clark, his lover’s delight evident in his smile as strong arms went around him and pulled him close.


As he fell asleep, he felt Clark’s lips brush his temple.






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