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(Reviews) Batwoman 1x19; Supergirl 5x18; The Flash 6x19; Legends Of Tomorrow 5x12

Batwoman 1x19; Supergirl 5x18; The Flash 6x19; Legends Of Tomorrow 5x12

Batwoman 1x19

The Unholy Trio of Alice, Mouse and Hush keep kidnapping code-breakers to decipher Lucius' journal but failing.

Luke and Kate split over Julia's veracity. Is she up to something?

Luke and Julia are kidnapped by the trio at Arkham to force Luke to decipher his father's journal. He does decode it, but he and Julia refuse to give up its secrets.

Meanwhile, Mary discovers that special glasses can decode the journal. Batwoman brings the glasses to Arkham to free Luke and Julia. Alice frees Arkham's inmates and sets fire to the building. Mouse is upset because he was happy there.

Jacob warns Batwoman to get out of Gotham.

Alice is searching for Kryptonite. Yikes!

Supergirl 5x18

Brainiac and Lex argue over their mission.

Obsidian keeps moving forward despite worries over its safety.

Kara and Alex visit Pete Andrews at the United States Congressional Library to find out the whereabouts of Leviathan by studying its symbol.

Dreamer dreams about Rama Khan and divines where he is. He starts an earthquake in Portland, Oregon. The heroes confront him and win the battle. Brainy brings Khan to the DEO and interrogates him, but Khan tricks him and successfully grabs Kryptonite and flees. He destroys the DEO building on the way out.

Meanwhile, Lena's prison project falls apart and she learns that Lex hasn't changed and has been manipulating her all along. Lex shows his true colors, and they aren't pretty.

Kelly and William discover Eve Tessmacher is working for Obsidian.

Lena comes to Kara and admits her mistake in teaming up with Lex. She unwittingly helped him and Leviathan and now wants to stop them. Kara tells her to sit down. Plotting to do?

The Flash 6x19

Team Flash try to save the Iris and the others in the Mirrorverse. Eva's husband Joseph Carver warns that the Mirrorverse warps personality.

Eva wants to trade the captives for her husband. Barry refuses, but Eva kills her husband.

Ralph discovers that Sue joined Carver's the Black Hole to kill him and keep her parents safe. Eva frames Sue for Carver's murder.

Joe returns!

In the Mirrorverse, Iris disappears in a ray of light!

To Be Continued...Next Season!

Legends Of Tomorrow 5x12

In order to weave the Loom of Fate, there have to be three gods. The Chalice of Dionysus can grant godhood for a day, so the Legends go after it at a fraternity house. Perfect for them, amirite? :)

Charlie and Astra rush the Theta Society so they can enter the Chug Contest and get the Chalice, but get kicked out, so Zari suggests they start their own sorority.

Nate ends up under Dionysus' spell. Yep, the God of Revelry has a permanent party going at the frat house. :) Ray would have been so perfect for this episode!

The Delta Society has to out-party Dion's frat house, and Sara beats Dion at beer pong. Rory steals the Chalice, which is now able to lifted as Dion loses his followers.

Astra and Charlie learn about each other and looks like Astra might be happy to be part of the team. Everyone but Zari drinks from the Chalice and so they get godly powers for 24 hours.

Will Astra be forced to betray the Legends?
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