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(Reviews) Batwoman 1x18; Supergirl 5x17; The Flash 6x18; Legends Of Tomorrow 5x11

Batwoman 1x18; Supergirl 5x17; The Flash 6x18; Legends Of Tomorrow 5x11

Batwoman 1x18

Alice and Mouse make a deal with Tommy Elliot to get out of Arkham and find the journal of Lucius Fox. Tommy will get a new face.

Batwoman and Julia are captured by mobsters while trying to get the journal. Mary and Luke rescue Batwoman and Julia. Good thing, because Batwoman was going to the highest villainous bidder! Kate accepts Mary as one of the team after this caper.

Kate bumps into Reagan again at the mobster club and they enjoy a sexy night, but the next morning, Kate realizes Reagan stole the journal! Turns out Reagan is Magpie's sister but doesn't want to be her advance scout anymore. Magpie turns the journal over to Alice and Mouse.

Julia is seeking the journal for some unknown boss.

Mouse discovers that the journal is in code!

Supergirl 5x17

Lex is behind everything since the Crisis ended! Though Lillian did nudge him toward making an ally of Lena, and he also makes one of Eve Tessmacher, who ends up in love with him, but he cruelly shuts that down after he has what he wanted from her. He wanted to destroy Leviathan, and he's on his way.

He also ordered the death of Jeremiah through trickery, telling Eve that he was her father's killer. He wasn't, of course, but Jeremiah's death led Lena to apologize to Kara and give her a book to help her with her grief. Lex manipulates Lena into believing that Supergirl lied to her again.

A Sun-Eater escapes the Fortress and people try to escape the end by plugging into Obsidian's VR.

Lex ends the episode in the Fortress of Solitude.

The Flash 6x18

An old villain, Godspeed, attacks Barry and he needs help from the Pied Piper to fight him, but during their last encounter, Hartley Rathaway's right-hand man was injured by the Flash. Team Flash tries to cure Roderick Smith (right-hand man) but it doesn't work so Hartley refuses to help.

Iris finds Kamilla in the Mirrorverse.

Hartley changes his mind and helps the Flash defeat Godspeed, and what they learn from the battle fixes Harley's boyfriend (yep, he wasn't just a right-hand man).

In a lighter vein, Ralph gives Frost a 'Dib-ploma' for graduating from his Life Coaching. :)

Legends Of Tomorrow 5x11

The Legends fights over who should use the Loom of Fate, but it's all moot as it doesn't work without Charlie's two sisters.

Gary brings aboard a dog he calls Gary, Jr.

Sara awakens from her coma but is blind and seeing visions of everyone getting killed, and she's the killer! Gideon can't help because her systems are off-line.

Zari taps into the ship cameras and finds out that she, Charlie and Nate are the saboteurs, but they also discover that the dog is in each frame. Turns out Gary Jr. is a demon dog, because Gary picked him up in Hell! Typical, amirite? ;)

Mick saves his visiting daughter Leela from the demon dog.

Zari apologizes to Astra for thinking that she was the saboteur. Astra blows her off but gives her points for trying.

Gideon can't cure Sara's blindness. Uh, oh!

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