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(Reviews) The Flash 6x16; Legends Of Tomorrow 5x9

The Flash 6x16; Legends Of Tomorrow 5x9

Good to see new episodes again! :)

The Flash 6x16

"Will there be waffles?"

"There better be waffles!"

Go, Ralph and Cisco! :D

Joe almost killed with cut brakes. Later he's shot by Ragdoll, the creepiest villain evah!

Eva plots to drain the Flash's remaining speed. She also wants Joe out of the way because he's going after her husband, and she wants that pleasure for herself.

Sue escapes from Ralph and Cisco at the breakfast but Ralph tracks her down again and learns that she's infiltrating banks because her parents are being extorted.

Ragdoll captures Cecile and wires her to explode. Joe takes her place. The bomb doesn't kill anyone, but he consents to going into the witness protection program until Carver and the Black Hole is defeated.

Mirror!Iris throws Barry out because he won't take her to Joe. Barry doesn't know where he is, but he could find out with his speed. He won't do it, so out he goes!

Legends Of Tomorrow 5x9

Charlie's Atropos kills her punk rock friends.

Ava counsels Mick about his daughter. They make a keepsake photo by going back to certain points in time. The daughter rejects it.

Zari's being 'haunted' by her old self, so Behrad suggests she go on a Totem Quest. Once inside the Totem, she meets her first self and they talk. When Zari returns, she finds her brother killed by Charlie's sister. She vows to get the pieces of the Loom together to bring him back.

Meanwhile, John was battered badly by the sister and Sara can't defeat her, either.

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