bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

Captain Slash And Nightwing ;)

The Batman (Episode 8) (December 15, 2007) LSH was a repeat.


I was pleased to see Dick’s importance in this episode.  He was using a character called Nightwing in his video game!  Fancy that!  ;)  I also liked Bruce’s smile when Dick told him about the character.  Could he have already heard that legend from Superman?


Was anyone else amused that his opponent was Captain Slash and when defeated, he said that “Slash had nailed him again?” ;)  Oh, Dickie-bird, just wait ‘til you grow up!  ;)


The Joker was his usual amusing self as he plotted to use the latest technology for his capers, and he was a pretty formidable foe as a nano-robot. 


I was also glad to see Dick ultimately save the day, as he should with his video game knowledge.  Not to mention Nightwing getting the collar at the end of the game!  ;)


An enjoyable episode with a classic villain.  J  

Tags: animated series, batman & robin, nightwing, review, the batman, the joker
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