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(Reviews) Batwoman 1x16; Supergirl 1x16

Batwoman 1x16; Supergirl 5x16

Batwoman 1x16

Jacob and his daughters bury Cartwright.

Sophie is searching for footage of Lucius Fox's murder as Lucius' killer may go free!

Jacob and the Crows capture Mouse, who is committed back to Arkham under heavy security. Alice and Kate plan to get him out of Arkham, as Alice promises to leave town with him.

Lucius' killer goes free and is shot while Luke is confronting him, and Luke figures the guy might have been telling the truth about being innocent. The owner of the store where his father was shot was also killed.

Kate locks Alice in with Mouse. Jacob was in on it.

Someone is shooting at Sophie and Jacob. Julia Pennyworth saves Sophie.

I know it seems pretty bad of Kate to betray her sister, but Alice is a killer of innocents. Still, it couldn't have been easy for Kate.

Supergirl 1x16

Alex is angry at her father Jeremiah and refuses to go to his funeral. Kara as the Golden Girl angers her, too.

Alex's VR fantasy is about becoming Supergirl, albeit with dark hair and a black costume. It's fun, but Leviathan is trapping people inside VR.

Alex defeats Hank Henshaw, Jeremiah's nemesis. Unfortunately, she's trapped in the VR world now, too! Kelly goes after Alex but has to leave the simulation. Instead she sends in a teenage Alex to shock adult Alex in getting herself out. Teenage Alex succeeds!

Alex faces her feelings about Jeremiah and goes to Midvale for the funeral with Kelly, making up with Kara.
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