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(Reviews) Batwoman 1x15; Supergirl 5x15; The Flash 6x15; Legends Of Tomorrow 5x8 

Batwoman 1x15; Supergirl 5x15; The Flash 6x15; Legends Of Tomorrow 5x8 

Black Lightning wrapped up last week. The Pierces and Freeland are safe, but Painkiller, Gravedigger and Tobias Whale are still roaming around out there.

Batwoman 1x15

Red necklaces for the Kane twins.

Alice's turn with the fear toxin! Set up by Dr. August Cartwright, Alice's long-ago captor.

Mary and Luke search for Beth's killer.

Jacob rescues Alice.

Cartwright kept the head of the Kane girls' mother to harvest her face for his mother! When Kate finds out, she strangles Cartwright.

Supergirl 5x15

Kara and William on a date while Nia goes partying with her roommate Yvette. Yvette's new on-line boyfriend attacks her as a message to Dreamer: no trans superheroes!

Alex goes to Virtual Las Vegas to locate a missing person. It's difficult as failsafes have been sabotaged, but Alex does save the day!

Dreamer catches the transphobic attacker.

Alex brings Kara bad news: Jeremiah (their father) is dead.

The Flash 6x15

Eobard Thawne is taking over as Cisco and Cecile try an exorcism. All the Wells are part of Nash now.

Joe is getting suspicious of Mirror!Iris. She's a little too neglectful of Barry.

Cisco and Barry go into Nash's mind to expel Thawne, but Nash is suffering over the death of his daughter, who resembles Allegra. He must face what happened to defeat Thawne. "The Prize is Everything" wasn't good advice from Nash to his daughter Maya, who died rather than give up a find.

"Crisis of Infinite Wells."

Nora's journal will teach Team Flash to build their own Speed Force.

Mirror!Iris gives Eva the refractor that latest villain Sunshine was after.

Legends Of Tomorrow 5x8

After one final mission, Ray and Nora plan to leave. Nate's the only one not to know. Ray simply can't tell him.

The search for the Loom of Fate begins in 1594 London. Hey, it's Will Shakespeare! He's looking for an ending to his Romeo & Juliet play.

Aww, Ray's already missing his Bro.

Bachelor/Bachelorette parties! One in the pub, the other on board the Waverider as an outgrowth of Book Club. :) Wild 'n' crazy!

John and Charlie start a ruckus in the pub. Shakespeare sees the superhero heroics and changes history by writing superhero plays!

Nate is angry that Ray didn't tell him that he was leaving and blows him off (heh heh).

Aww, he relents and the Ray/Nate goodbye parallels the Romeo & Juliet scene being played out by the Legends in the pub.

After Ray and Nora's departure, the Legends drink to them. "To Ray!"

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