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(Reviews) Batwoman 1x14; Supergirl 5x14; Black Lightning 3x16; The Flash 6x14; Legends/Tomorrow 5x7

Batwoman 1x14; Supergirl 5x14; Black Lightning 3x16; The Flash 6x14; Legends Of Tomorrow 5x7

Batwoman 1x14

Sophie and Kate giddy over their kiss. Sophie spills the beans to Mary.

The Lucius Fox murder case is reopened.

Social media influencers are being face-slashed by Duela Dent, a patient of Dr. August Cartwright's.

Sophie's mother shows up unexpectedly. She disapproves of Batwoman's lesbianism.

Alice is out for revenge against Mouse's father (Cartwright), her sadistic captor for years.

Sophie tells her mother the truth about her sexual orientation. It doesn't go well.

Mouse being forcibly doused with fear toxin.

Supergirl 5x14

Big roll-out for Andrea's Obsidian Platinum launch of VR. Someone is determined to stop the launch.

The widow (Amy) of a fired Obsidian employee who became addicted to Platinum and killed himself (Todd Sapphire) is the culprit.

Lena's prison experimentation goes awry. Lex helps fix it.

Alex gets a new Martian weapon from J'onn.

Black Lightning 3x16

Mega-fight between Black Lightning and Gravedigger. BL blabs about being family!

Jen is captured by the invading Markovians.

Painkiller is on the prowl.

Gravedigger finds the metas.

Argh! Bill's dead. Nice death scene, though.

Odell gets out of Dodge...not quite. Khalil gets the drop on him. He shoots but doesn't kill him and tells Black Lightning "He's all yours."

Gambi's tailor shop is attacked by the A.S.A. He kills them all!

Grace ends up in a coma after attacking Anissa, courtesy of Gravedigger.

The Flash 6x14

Wally returns.

Mirror!Iris is camera-shy because it reveals who she is.

The Speed Force is dying because of something Barry did. Poor Barry!

Reverse Flash takes over Nash, and he and Cisco fight. Cecile saves Cisco.

Wally senses something's off with Iris.

New project for Team Flash: building a Speed Force!

Legends Of Tomorrow 5x7

Ray's going to propose to Nora with a romantic dinner in John's house.

Damien Darhk is back!

Mick's angry about bad reviews of his novels on-line. Zari helps and they discover that the troll is Mick's kid, who he never knew existed.

Nora: "Invoking Book Club!" Sneaky tactics. ;)

John returns to his house and duels with Damien. Nora tells him that Ava and Sara are her henchwomen and that John is her boyfriend. Damien approves.

Sara has a job offer in Star City and only considered it so that Ava could have stability, but Ava's kind of liking adventures on the Waverider. :)

When Nora tells her father who she really loves (and that she's a fairy godmother), all hell breaks loose!

Fortunately, all is resolved as Pippa, Nora's current 'child', wishes them all into the show, Mr. Parker's Cul-De-Sac (Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood).

Ray and Nora get married in a very nice ceremony in John's house with all the Legends present.

I'm going to miss Reformed Nora and Ray? I'll miss his infectious enthusiasm, his bromance with Nate, and he's another original Legend gone. Just Sara and Mick left from the originals.

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