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(Review)  Black Lightning 3x15

Black Lightning 3x15

Black Lightning 3x15

Well, now. Gravedigger always buries his kills. How nice of him.

Lynn discovers that Gravedigger is Jefferson's great-uncle!

Khalil and Painkiller fight it out in Khalii's head. Painkiller wins and is out to fulfill his directive: kill the Pierce family.

Grace and Anissa announce that they're getting married at the family dinner. Sadly, no wedding as Gravedigger and the Markovians arrive at the perimeter.

Jennifer goes out on her own, knocks out everyone but Gravedigger, and is thrown for a loop by him. Jefferson shocks her back and then it's Black Lightning versus Gravedigger!

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Tags: anissa pierce/grace choi, black lightning, black lightning/lynn stewart, gravedigger, jefferson pierce/lynn stewart, jennifer pierce, khalil payne, lightning, painkiller, review, thunder/grace choi, tv, tyler sykes
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