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Health/Patriots/Fic Update

Well, the health update: my wrist and arm are still strained but getting better. I had to shovel a lot of snow (and I expect more to come this Sunday) and had strained my shoulder the first snowfall a few weeks ago. Apparently it'll make it easy to strain each time I shovel. I'm in pain here for my art, people! ;) I am taking some aspirin and might rub a nice little potion on it tonight when I go to bed. :)

Typing is still painful but if I do it slowly, it's okay. I have too many fics I owe to not type, but it'll be slower than I anticipated.

I'm looking forward to Sunday's game at Foxboro. While I would have loved to see a clear day so that the Patriots could have put up 70 points on the Jets, snow games at the stadium are always magical, and their record is perfect in the snow at home. California native Tom Brady seems to find the snow no problem a'tall! :)

The Celtics have the best record in basketball (18-2) and unbeaten at the Garden. I'm listening to the game on the radio and it looks like they might get No. 19 tonight. EDIT: They did! Whoo hoo! ;)

I am typing, then reading, then typing, etc., and it seems to be working out well. :) I got a burst of creativity for my second World's Finest Gift Exchange fic and even finally got an idea as to how to write the third. I'm also working on "Family II: Christmas Eve". I need a scorecard to keep that crowd straight (so to speak)! ;)
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