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(Reviews) Batwoman 1x12; Supergirl 5x12; The Flash 6x12; Legends Of Tomorrow 5x5

Batwoman 1x12; Supergirl 5x12; The Flash 6x12; Legends Of Tomorrow 5x5

Batwoman 1x12

The two Beths' cells are deteriorating. Alice finds out and goes to Mary's makeshift hospital for a cure. They fight, and Mary gets the best of her and tells her about a cure, but she certainly isn't going to give it to Alice.

Jacob is attacked in prison.

Mary gives Kate the cure. Now Kate has to decide with Beth lives. She chooses Beth, not Alice, but goes to Alice and stays with her as Alice comes close to death.

Beth is killed by a sniper so Alice lives, her rage fueled by Kate's choice. Yikes!

Supergirl 5x12

Winn hangs out with the gang and tells them he's Computer Lad in the Legion.

Alternate Winn uploaded himself into the DEO computer system.

Heh, Lex calling Alex on an old-fashioned phone.

Winn uploads himself into the system and fights Alternate Winn. His father is there, too. Yeesh!

Lena sabotaged Andrea's tech, but Leviathan is manipulating both Luthors, tee hee.

Liked Lena eyeing her coffee cup after a meeting with Lex. He gave it to her. She should be suspicious! :)

Winn defeats his other self and his father disappears, too. Winn reclaims the Toyman name.

Alex resigns from the DEO and Brainy is made Director by Lex.

At Kara's apartment, Mr. Mxyzptlk shows up!

The Flash 6x12

Iris finds Eva McCulloch trapped in the Mirror World.

Ralph finds Sue Dearbon, who's running from Loring, an arms dealer. She saves Ralph twice! Maybe more to come? She's a martial arts expert.

Ralph reveals his superhero identity to Sue to save them from a sticky situation.

The duo break into a bank to get the Loring Ledger, but Sue double-crosses Ralph. She's out for the diamond in the safe deposit box.

Eva has mirror powers, and Iris figures it's their ticket out.

Legends Of Tomorrow 5x5

Gary lets out a malevolent spirit in Constantine's old house.

Sara appoints Ava temporarily Captain while she goes on business to Star City.

The Legends go back to Paris, 1793, where they find the latest Encore, Marie Antoinette. She's hosting an endless party, and the people party themselves to death!

Zari steals Marie's magic perfume (it makes the wearer irresistably charming) for her perfume launch. Total disaster! The Legends save her. Zari and Ava become besties. :)

Meanwhile, on the Waverider, a headless Marie Antoinette roams the ship with Rory's Heat Gun!

Charlie reveals that she destroyed the Loom of Fate.

Astra fixes it so that John gets lung cancer all at once.
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