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(Reviews) Black Lightning 3x13; The Flash 6x11; Legends Of Tomorrow 5x4

Black Lightning 3x13; The Flash 6x11; Legends Of Tomorrow 5x4

Black Lightning 3x13

The team trains for the op into Markovia to rescue Lynn.

Khalil leaves Freeland, refusing to join the team. Until he changes his mind.

Nice scenes between Jeff and Gambi. At the beginning Jeff is all morose and talks to Gambi, who listens, and then Gambi shores up Jeff's confidence on the plane ride to Markovia and says he's proud of him. "You're a hero who leads other heroes."

The A.S.A. attack begins in Markovia, and Painkiller goes up against Gravedigger, a Markovian meta who is extremely competent.

Mission successful! Amusing that Lynn was getting out on her own, but I'm sure she appreciated the ride home. :)

The Flash 6x11

Mirror!Iris can make pancakes and freshly-squeezed orange juice, to Barry's shock (he's unaware of Iris being a Mirror duplicate).

Amunet Black interrupts their Valentine's Day dinner to steal a device.

Mirror!Iris scopes out a sleazy bar to get a lead on Amunet.

Barry and Mirror!Iris fight over Barry being over-protective..

Amunet covets Rappacini's Daughter, a rare orchid that blooms once every 25 years. The flower is an aphrodisiac! Also with mind-reading properties.

Nash helps Frost with romantic advice for Allegra. He also sees another Harrison Wells!

Iris is stuck in Mirror World.

Legends Of Tomorrow 5x4

A serial killer from 1989 is back and loose in 2004.

Ava knows him from doing Stabcast, her Internet program.

Constantine visits his old house, where he finds Charlie. BTW, Constantine seems to like having Gary around. :)

Ray and Nate go back to '89 to fix Freddy the Slayer. Ray looks very Clark Kent-ish, glasses and all! :)

Ava, Sara and Mick are stuck with the Slayer in Central City High, which was telekinetically-sealed by the Slayer.

Freddy has a Fairy Godmother: Nora!

Nice little scene with Nora and Nate as Ray's arm candy! ;)

Is Freddy reformed preemptively?

Uh, oh, Freddy isn't the Slayer at all. It's his mother! She kills Rory!

But, everything's fixed and Rory's back.

And Constantine sets out on a magical journey, probably not to a good place!

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