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Fic: 20 Random Facts About Diana (Wonder Woman) (1/1)

Title: 20 Random Facts About Diana (Wonder Woman) (1/1)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters: Steve/Diana, Queen Hippolyta, Dinah Lance, Clark/Bruce/Dick, Shayera, Zatanna, Donna Troy, Gloria Steinem, James Trevor/Cecilia Trevor, Hal Jordan, Aphrodite
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Date Of Completion: December 13, 2007
Date Of Posting: December 13, 2007
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1451
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: Written for the DC Random Facts Fest.
Since poor Wondy has been given different continuities over and over, I elected to do a more stable, Silver-Age-ish type of continuity, but it’s still like my own pocket universe. However, I do take from canon past and present for some of these random facts. :)
Dick Grayson is over 18 in this story.
I’d say that the theme is unconventional love. :) 

20 Random Facts About Wonder Woman (Diana Prince)


(1)  As a little girl, Diana loved the beach on Paradise Island.  She ran on the sand, swam in the ocean, and made sandcastles with her sisters.


She always looked up at the sky, not sure what she expected to see, but she kept looking.


(2)  Diana learned about her heritage through formal schooling and tale-telling, and a small part of her wondered: were men truly that bad?


And would she ever know the world outside Paradise Island?


(3)  The day that the blond American fell from the sky in his shattered plane and Diana first laid eyes upon him, she knew her life had changed.


When he opened sapphire-blue eyes and called her, “Angel”, she knew love.


(4)  Diana was proud to don the star-spangled costume her mother had designed and return with Steve Trevor to America to spread the word about peace and love and to fight evil.


As Steve slipped his hand in hers, she knew she wasn’t alone in the brave new world.


(5)  With Steve as her guide, Diana began learning about Man’s World: delighted, horrified, puzzled, intrigued.


(6)  When she first met Dinah Lance and practiced hand-to-hand combat with her, Diana knew that she had found a sister Amazon away from Paradise Island.


(7)  When she first met Clark and Bruce (they were in their superhero personas of Superman and Batman), she knew that these were men she would be proud to call friends.


(8)  The first time that Steve took Diana out on a date, he explained the social customs of holding a door and chair for her, paying for the meal, etc.  He then asked her what she would feel comfortable doing, if anything.  


That was when Diana knew she had made the right choice about Steve, a man who was taking her Amazon background into consideration.


They compromised: he could hold a door open for her as long as she could do the same for him; she was delighted with the courtesy of chair-holding, and when she invited him out, she would pay.


Learning to blend their two cultures would be a lifelong balancing act between them.


(9)  As a founding member of the Justice League of America, Diana was immensely proud of the organization and the people she worked with.  Mostly men, they proved to be worthy colleagues and she was happy to be making a difference in Man’s World.


She also bonded very closely with the females of the group: Dinah, Shayera, and Zatanna.  She was impressed with their special skills and she loved what Dinah called the ‘coffee klatches’ that the women enjoyed in the Watchtower cafeteria.  She discovered that Man’s World women could be as strong and self-confident as her Amazon sisters, and she was proud to be a member of their group.  


She also discovered that the women of this world could be as frank about sexual matters as her fellow Amazons, and that pleased her greatly.


(10)  The first time that Steve was wounded fighting at her side, Diana realized just how much he was a part of her as she frantically prayed to Aphrodite for his recovery.


When he spoke his name for her, “Angel,” and touched her face, she knew that all would be well.


(11)  Whenever she visited Paradise Island, her mother expressed her pride in the work she was doing as Wonder Woman, which made Diana very happy. 


Her mother’s disapproval of her love life luckily remained unspoken.


Diana was also pleased to take on Donna Troy as her protégé and introduce her to the world as Wonder Girl, continuing the Amazons’ mission in the world.


(12)  When Gloria Steinem put her on the cover of Ms. Magazine, Diana was honored, as she was more than happy to help her sisters in Man’s World realize their full potential and equality.


(13)  Diana was pleased that she had fallen in love with a warrior, and also one whose skills could match hers in certain areas.  She finds out just how good a pilot Steve is when she comes up beside him in her invisible plane while he pilots his jet. 


What follows is a duet in the air, exciting and thrilling Diana, and she shows her pleasure in more conventional ways on the ground later that night


When she spoke of a ‘cocky pilot’, she had that day…and night…in mind.


(14)  When the superhero community learned that not only were Clark and Bruce romantically involved with each other but with Dick as well, Diana made sure to express her delight and congratulations in full view of everyone during a joint JLA/Teen Titans meeting.


She is from Paradise Island, a culture that celebrates unconventional love according to Man’s World standards: love between women, threesomes, or more.


Ironically, she was considered unconventional by her mother and sisters for being in a relationship with a man.


Unconventional love was still love.  


(15)  Steve had stopped asking her to marry him years ago, settling into their steady yet passionate relationship.


When she asked him to marry her, he was surprised, then delighted.


He said, “Yes!” as he hugged her, laughing with joy.


(16)  Their wedding was a careful blend of American and Amazon traditions, Steve in dress blues and Diana in full Amazon wedding regalia: beautiful, long, flowing gown of gold- and-white; a diamond-and-gold necklace at her throat, and a tiara that dazzled everyone with its rubies, topazes, emeralds and sapphires, the familiar star in the center.  She wore a borrowed blue ring from Dinah and an antique heirloom brooch given to her by Steve’s mother Cecilia.  Steve’s father James gave her a kiss on the cheek and whispered, “Welcome to the Trevor family”.


As an Ambassador and Crown Princess from Paradise Island/Themyscira, it was a quasi-state event, Queen Hippolyta and a carefully-chosen coterie of Amazons attending in America.  Donna was Maid of Honor/Amazon Witness, and Steve requested old friend and fellow test pilot Hal Jordan as Best Man.


He had received golden jeweled-and-starred warrior bracelets that matched Diana’s tiara from Hippolyta and wore them under his uniform, nearly speechless at the gesture from a woman still not completely happy with Diana’s choice of lifemate.  He also carried a borrowed handkerchief from Hal, white with green edging, which makes him smile when he sees the color.


There were diplomats, military personnel, superheroes, family and friends.  Diana was so happy that she smiled all day, especially when she took Steve’s hand at the altar while the Wiccan Priestess began to speak.


Steve had never looked more beautiful.


“Beloved,” she whispered, and his smile grew brighter as he squeezed her hand.


(17)  Diana’s favorite quiet times are having lunch with friends like Dinah, Bruce, or Clark, or with Steve at home, his arms around her while they watch TV, listen to music, or relax in bed on a Sunday morning, reading the newspaper and feeding each other strawberries.


(18)  It always amused Diana that she had fallen in love with a man whose beauty could rival the Gods.


Was she shallow or lucky?


Well, Aphrodite always preached appreciating beauty in all its forms.


(19)  The JLA had fought many titanic battles over the years, and when they fought a battle that was literally world-shaking, involving planets across the galaxy, Diana was proud of her Earthly comrades.  They fought long and well, and she willingly led the others into the fray with a savage delight, because Amazons brought love and peace, but they were also bringers of war.


Diana reveled in the sights and sounds of battle, her blood singing with its glories, yet she regretted its wastefulness and suffering.  Her sword would rise and fall, her bracelets parry bullets and bombs, her muscles strain, her legs leap and push her forward into the heart of the beast.


When comrades fell, her heart was pierced, but the battle must be continued, lest the war be lost.


After the smoke cleared, victory swords shining with blood, it is time to bury their dead.


After that sad duty, she will go home to the arms of her Beloved.


(20)  The years pass, and Diana is grateful that she gave up her immortality when she left Paradise Island for Man’s World.  She and Steve will grow old together and meet their loved ones in Olympus before centuries pass.


After talking to Clark, she speaks to Aphrodite, who assures her that her dear friend won’t outlive everyone he loves by millennia, and that he and his lifemates will have places of honor on Olympus.


At peace, Diana resolves to enjoy life before the Goddess calls her home.


She and Steve make love in homage to Aphrodite.                   
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