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(Reviews) Black Lightning 3x12; The Flash 6x10; Legends Of Tomorrow 5x3

Black Lightning 3x12; The Flash 6x10; Legends Of Tomorrow 5x3

Black Lightning 3x12

Lynn's a prisoner of the Markovians.

Can T.C. help Khalil? He installs a firewall to imprison Painkiller so that he can get to Khalil.

Jefferson makes a deal with the A.S.A. to rescue Lynn and assembles the team to go to Markovia.

T.C. finds the real Khalil, and Jen goes in to try and get him back. He does come out, but isn't happy about it. Painkiller will always be inside him. He tells Jen they can't be together with this time bomb ticking inside him.

Poor Khalil! The guy can't catch a break. Ever since he was shot in Season 1, it's been an unending nightmare. He's been used by that monster, Tobias Whale, and a collection of monsters, the A.S.A. :(

The Flash 6x10

Iris is out to expose the Black Hole, a sinister organization, and they're out to kill her.

Are Barry and Diggle on a wild-goose chase after Barry receives the gift of Oliver's mask?

John advises Barry to stop and smell the roses. Oliver learned that too late.

Cisco is wondering if he had been still Vibe, would he have been able to sense the antimatter wave coming?

Cisco asks Nash to take over for him at S.T.A.R. Labs as he goes off to find new supervillain threats on Earth-Prime.

Iris snoops around McCullogh Industries (that she's certain is the Black Hole) and is absorbed by some silvery liquid in a secret room.

Legends Of Tomorrow 5x3

Zari pops up in 2044 as a shallow, Kardashian-style girl.

Bugsy Siegel's back! And he's hanging out at The Blue Iguana, an L.A. supper club.

Bugsy's girl, Jeannie, engages film noir classic P.I. John Constantine with Ray and Sara.

Poor Ava, feeling useless! She drinks with Rory at the club and eagerly provides a distraction the team needs by singing.

Ha, Ray refers to Chief Wiggum from The Simpsons. :)

Jeannie wants Bugsy's blackmail power so she can finally have some power of her own after a life of being controlled by others. She ends up blasted in a car bomb.

Constantine destroys Bugsy.

Nate and Behrad bring a clueless Zari onto The Waverider. No one but Nate remembers her.
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