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(Reviews) Batwoman 1x11; Supergirl 5x11; Black Lightning 3x11; Arrow 8x10 

Batwoman 1x11; Supergirl 5x11; Black Lightning 3x11; Arrow 8x10

A goodbye to Arrow!

Batwoman 1x11

Beth accepts her new world, and tells Kate that 'her' Kate saved her during the accident, increasing 'our' Kate's guilt, of course.

Kate is captured by Mouse so that the GCPD will release Alice.

Mary and Beth bond while Mary makes Beth up as Alice.

During her encounter with Mouse, Beth is exposed as a fake and is almost killed, but Kate saves her.

The people of Gotham demand that the GCPD turn on the Bat-Signal. "Turn on the light! Turn on the light!" Batwoman makes an appearance.

Ah, it appears that the two Beths can't exist in this single timeline. We shall see how that goes!

Supergirl 5x11

The Toyman Cometh! Actually, Lex lets loose a Winn Schott from another Earth.

'Our' Winn returns from the future and reveals that he has a wife (Ila) and daughter (Mary) but will lose them if the Time Police believe he is the evil Winn.

J'onn creates a hideaway in National City for heroes, like the Hall of Justice.

Brainy comes clean with Winn and tells how he's only working with Lex in order to bring him down.

Black Lightning 3x11

Jen comes clean to Jefferson about working for Odell, who is now out for revenge on the man who corrupted his daughter.

Gambi cares for T.C. with Lynn's meta stabilizer.

Black Lightning and Thunder capture Odell. Threats of torture gets information from their prisoner.

The A.S.A. attacks the Pierces, led by Painkiller. A shocked Jen nearly messes everything up when she sees Khalil but finally snaps out of it.

Lynn frees Tobias Whale and the A.S.A. rescues Odell.

Can Khalil be redeemed?

The Markovians capture Lynn and Tobias.

Arrow 8x10 

An Emerald Archer documentary gathers people's thoughts.

Star City is crime-free!

Awkward reunion between Thea and Roy, who left Thea abruptly. Later, he proposes marriage and she accepts! :)

William's kidnapping focuses the team, and they rescue him.

Quentin's back! And Laurel knows that he loves her, a wonderful scene between them. She had questioned why Oliver didn't bring back 'his' Laurel.

Quentin presides at the unveiling of a new Green Arrow statue in Star City.

Moira and Tommy are back! At the funeral, John gives the eulogy.

The Diggles head to Metropolis and a green meteor/light lands close to John and he finds a green ring in a box. Green Lantern, anyone? :)

Felicity and Ollie reunite in the afterlife.

All in all, a good finale. We even got to see Nyssa and Talia again.
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